Suzuki Mehran for Sale in Pakistan (4021)

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Used Suzuki Mehran for Sale in Pakistan

Current shape and generation of Suzuki Mehran was introduced in 1988 internationally and in 1990 in Pakistan.

Suzuki Mehran Specifications

Mehran is small hatchback and comes with an 800 cc engine with 4-speed manual transmission. From 2012, Pak Suzuki dropped the carburetor Mehran and launched an EFI Euro II version which has better performance than the previous models and gives better fuel consumption as far city mpg is concerned. Suzuki Mehran comes with both CNG and A/C as an option.

What is Suzuki Mehran Price in Pakistan?

The average sale price of used Suzuki Mehran 2014 is PKR 600,000 and average sale price of CNG and A/C used Suzuki Mehran 2015 is PKR 700,000. The new Suzuki Mehran price in Pakistan is at PKR 625,000, whereas top of the line CNG and A/C is priced at PKR 748,000.

You could but a sedan in this price 1 decade ago. Suzuki Mehran has kept the basic shape of the car all these years. Only changes it has seen are the changes in bumpers and front grille. Rest has been pretty much the same.

Currently available Suzuki Mehran variants are:

  • Suzuki Mehran VX Euro II
  • Suzuki Mehran VX Euro II (CNG)
  • Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II
  • Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II (CNG)

Mehran doesn’t have a direct competitor since it is the only 800cc hatchback in the category. Since it has been in the market for such a long time, the maintenance and parts are very cheap and easily available.

What is the Resale Value of Suzuki Mehran?

Mehran car is easy to resale whenever required. Having shorter wheel base makes Mehran drive like a mini SUV and can easily drive through rough terrain. The steering is most basic and works in every scenario. The interior is much to desire for and is only cheap plastic.