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Black Magic Products & Accessories

Black Magic is a USA based manufacturer that specializes in tyre care products. The company started out as a manufacturer of silicone shine formula that was intended to be applied on car trim and bumper to preserve the paint and provide a glossy shine. Soo after, a trend emerged whereby the customers started applying that solution on the tyres for long-lasting shine. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Black Magic start producing tyre care products and is one of the most desirable tyre care product manufacturers in the world. Black Magic offers a wide range of car care products in numerous countries all over the world and is now gradually inching its way into the Pakistani market with its most in-demand range of products owing to the ever growing car culture and in the country.

List of Black Magic Products for sale online on PakWheels

The list of Black Magic products available for sale online on PakWheels are given below:

  • Black Magic Tyre Wet Foam
  • Black Magic Tyre Wet Gel
  • Black Magic Engine Shine
  • Black Magic Fast Wax Spray
  • Black Magic Diamond Tyre Wet Spray

Black Magic Product Prices in Pakistan

The above-mentioned products come with a price tag as mentioned below:

Product Name & Description


Black Magic Tyre Wet Foam 500 ML

PKR 850

Black Magic Tyre Wet Gel

PKR 1250

Black Magic Engine Shine

PKR 1199

Black Magic Tyre Wet Spray

PKR 850

Black Magic Fast Wax Spray

PKR 950

Black Magic Diamond Tyre Wet Spray

PKR 1350

How to Use Black Magic Products

Black Magic Tyre Wet Gel

One of Black Magic’s most high on demand & easy to use products is the Tyre Wet Gel. It not only removes any kind of dirt or filth off of the tyres but also actively preserves them from cracking or deteriorating. However, it is advisable to apply the gel after your car has been washed properly. To apply the gel, you can use Black Magic’s very own application sponge pad. Once you have the sponge ready, pour a moderate amount of gel on to the sponge and gently apply it on to your tyres. As it dries up, you can enjoy the shiny new look of your tyres.