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Car Coolants price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 250 to PKR 10,000.


How do I choose a suitable car coolant?

You can choose the right coolant for your car by considering these steps:

  • Refer to your vehicle manual: The best coolant type is often specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Check your car's manual for the recommended coolant type and any specific instructions.
  • Consider climate and usage: The coolant type may depend on the environment where you drive. In cold climates, focus on antifreeze properties, while in warmer climates, corrosion resistance might be more critical.
  • Check compatibility: Ensure the coolant matches your car's engine and materials. Different engines may require specific coolant formulations.
  • Quality and standards: Opt for coolants that meet industry standards and quality norms, like ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approvals.
  • Special requirements: Some vehicles may need special coolants, like HOAT or Dex-Cool formulations. Always adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Avoid mixing coolants: To prevent adverse reactions, do not mix different types of coolants. It's better to cleanse the system and utilize the type recommended specifically for your car.

How can I top up my car's coolant?

You can top up your car's coolant by following these steps. Start by ensuring the engine is cool. Locate the coolant reservoir, typically a translucent plastic container with high and low markings. Open the reservoir cap slowly to release pressure and check the current level against the markings. If the coolant is below the required level, add a mixture of equal parts of water and the appropriate coolant type, adhering to your car manufacturer's recommendations. Pour the mixture carefully into the reservoir until it reaches the 'full' mark. Ensure the cap is securely closed to prevent leaks, and then start the engine to circulate the coolant.

What are the different types of car coolant?                   

Type of car coolant




Ethylene glycol-based coolant

Widely used, effective for heat transfer and anti-freezing properties. Often contains corrosion inhibitors and compatible with most engines.

Provides efficient heat transfer. Prevents freezing. Compatible with most car engines.

Toxic if ingested. Requires careful handling.

Propylene glycol-based coolant

Similar properties to ethylene glycol-based coolant but less toxic. Used in some modern cars for lower toxicity if accidentally ingested.

Lower toxicity if accidentally ingested. May be used in some modern cars.

Generally, slightly less effective at transferring heat than ethylene glycol.

Hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT) coolant

Combines organic acid technology with traditional additives for better corrosion protection and compatibility with different metals.

Enhanced corrosion protection. Compatibility with diverse metals.

May be more expensive than other types.

Phosphate free coolants

Lack phosphates and silicates, used in some engines to prevent sediment buildup and protect aluminum parts.

Prevents sediment buildup. Protects aluminum parts.

May not be suitable for all types of engines. Compatibility concerns with some metals

How do car engine coolants work?

An engine coolant, found in a radiator reservoir, is an integral part of the liquid cooling system. This system includes the water pump for circulating the coolant, radiator hoses, and a fan for air circulation. It also consists of a thermostat that regulates coolant temperature. During operation, the coolant cycles through the engine and radiator, absorbing heat in the engine block and head before returning to the radiator for cooling. This continuous process ensures the engine's temperature control and optimal functioning.

How important is a coolant for a car?

Coolants are crucial for a car's proper functioning. They play a significant role in regulating the engine's temperature, preventing overheating, and ensuring optimal performance. Without coolants, the machine could overheat, leading to potential damage and reduced efficiency. Coolants also prevents freezing in cold conditions and corrosion, safeguarding the engine's longevity. Regular maintenance and proper coolant levels are essential for a car's overall health and performance.

How to clean your car coolant system?

You can clean your car's coolant system by following these tips:

  • Preparation: Ensure the engine is cool. Open the hood and locate the radiator cap and the coolant reservoir.
  • Draining the coolant: Use a coolant drain pan to collect the old coolant. Loosen the radiator cap slowly to release any pressure, then remove the drain plug or open the drain valve at the bottom of the radiator to let the old coolant drain out.
  • Flushing the system: After draining the old coolant, rinse the system by running water through the radiator and engine block.
  • Rinsing and refilling: Close the drain valve/plug and fill the system with a 50/50 mixture of fresh coolant and water, according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Bleeding the system: Start the engine with the radiator cap off to allow any air pockets to escape. Monitor the coolant level and add more if needed.
  • Check for leaks: After the engine has reached operating temperature, check for any leaks in the cooling system.
  • Dispose of old coolant properly: Coolants are toxic and should be disposed of according to local regulations.

How long does a car coolant last?

Manufacturers recommend changing coolant after the initial 210,000 kilometers (140,000 miles) or 120 months, followed by replacements every 30,000 kilometers (20,000 miles) or 24 months. Coolants, typically a blend of water and antifreeze with additives like corrosion inhibitors, degrades over time, losing their protective qualities against engine corrosion. As the fluid becomes more acidic, it can fail to regulate engine temperature. Therefore, periodic coolant replacement is advised to maintain optimal engine performance and prevent harm.

What are the best brands of car coolant available in Pakistan?

The best brands for car coolants are Carrera, Aisin, Toyota, and Suzuki. Moreover, the prices vary from brand to brand. Additionally, you should select a reliable online car accessories supplier like PakWheels to ensure the durability of your car and its accessories. We offer budget-friendly car accessories and spare parts to make your vehicle conquer the road without worries.

Where can you buy affordable car coolants in Pakistan?

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