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  • Universal Fuel Pump Big Pin

    • Engine & Mechanical
    • Car Fuel Pump
    PKR 2,200
  • Universal Fuel Pump Thin Pin

    • Engine & Mechanical
    • Car Fuel Pump
    PKR 2,200
    • Engine & Mechanical
    • Car Fuel Pump
    • Engine & Mechanical
    • Car Fuel Pump
    • Engine & Mechanical
    • Car Fuel Pump
    • Engine & Mechanical
    • Car Fuel Pump
    • Engine & Mechanical
    • Car Fuel Pump
    • Engine & Mechanical
    • Car Fuel Pump
    • Engine & Mechanical
    • Car Fuel Pump
    • Engine & Mechanical
    • Car Fuel Pump
    Updated 5 days ago
    • Engine & Mechanical
    • Car Fuel Pump
    Updated 10 days ago
  • PKR 4,000

    Fuel pump

    • Engine & Mechanical
    • Car Fuel Pump
    Updated 13 days ago
    • Engine & Mechanical
    • Car Fuel Pump
    Updated 16 days ago
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Car Fuel Pump price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 2,100 to PKR 20,000

How can I choose a fuel pump for my car?

You can choose the right fuel pump for your car by considering these factors It would help if you started by consulting your vehicle's owner or service manual. These documents often provide fuel pump specifications tailored to your car's make and model. Identifying whether your vehicle runs on gasoline or diesel fuel and whether it uses a carburetor or a fuel injection system is crucial, as these factors influence the required fuel pressure. Choose OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket fuel pumps.

However, aftermarket options possibly offer added features or improved performance. Verify the pump's pressure and flow rate ratings to match your engine's requirements. If you need help deciding which fuel pump to choose, it's best to seek advice from a professional mechanic or auto parts specialist.

What are the different types of fuel pumps?

There are different types of fuel pumps, which are as follows:

  • Mechanical Fuel Pump: It utilizes a cam-driven system to pump fuel. It is commonly found in older vehicles.
  • Electric Fuel Pump: Powered by electricity, it is often found in modern cars and provides consistent fuel delivery.
  • Fuel Pump with Diaphragm: A mechanical pump that compresses and expands for fuel transfer for suction.
  • Fuel Pump with high-pressure: This pump directly injects fuel into the combustion chamber to turn on the ignition process.
  • Fuel Pump with a Plunger: It includes a reciprocating plunger mechanism for pumping fuel with a camshaft.

How does the fuel pump work?

A vehicle's fuel tank or interior fuel pump supplies the car's engine with fuel. Depending on the type of pump, an electric motor activates when the engine begins, producing suction or pressure. It takes energy from the tank, filters out impurities, and feeds it to the engine's fuel system. It is then combined with air and burned to produce power. The internal combustion engine's fuel pump is a crucial part. It maintains an adequate fuel supply, which is necessary for engine performance and efficiency.

How to check fuel pump pressure?

Before you check fuel pump pressure, you’ll need a fuel pressure gauge, safety precautions, and some essential tools. Once you have those, you can check the fuel pump pressure by following these steps suggested by our automotive professionals

  • Locate Schrader valve: Find the valve on the fuel rail or carburetor.
  • Attach fuel pressure gauge: Connect the fuel pressure gauge securely to the Schrader valve.
  • Turn ignition to "On": Activate the fuel pump without starting the engine.
  • Read the pressure: Check the gauge for the fuel pressure reading. It should indicate the system's fuel pressure.
  • Compare with specs: Compare the reading to your vehicle's specifications.
  • Turn off the ignition: Switch off the engine without starting it.
  • Relieve pressure: Carefully release any tension in the system to avoid fuel spray.
  • Analyze results: Interpret the pressure reading to assess pump performance. If the pressure exceeds the specified range, it may indicate a problem with the pump or fuel filter.
  • Address issues: Consult a mechanic if pressure is outside the specified range.

How does a car act when a fuel pump goes out?

You can identify a bad fuel pump by observing symptoms like an engine sputtering at high speeds, reduced power, hard starting, stalling, and poor performance on hills. Watch out for erratic idling and engine overheating too. A failing fuel pump causes these issues due to inconsistent fuel pressure and inadequate fuel delivery to the engine. The excessive or insufficient use of some fuel additives can lead to the deterioration of the fuel pump's components. If you notice these problems, have a mechanic inspect your vehicle promptly to prevent engine damage and safety risks.

How to replace the fuel pump in a car?

You can replace the fuel pump in a car with the following tips recommended by our experts.

  • First, ensure you're safe by operating in a well-ventilated area while the engine is off and the battery is unplugged.
  • Access the fuel tank by lifting and lowering the car or, if an opening is available, by entering through it. Being wary of any leftover fuel, disconnect the old pump's electrical connections and fuel lines.
  • Replace the old pump with the new one. Afterward, carefully reattach all the parts and connections
  • . Run a test on the system before locking the gasoline tank to ensure the new pump is operational.

However, it is recommended to have a professional perform this if you have yet to gain experience with auto repair.

How long should my fuel pump last?

Generally, a well-maintained fuel pump can last between 100,000 to 200,000 miles (160,000 to 320,000 kilometers) or more. However, some fuel pumps may fail sooner, while others can last longer. However, the lifespan of a fuel pump can vary. It depends upon several factors, including the make and model of your car, your driving habits, the quality of fuel you use, and maintenance practices.

How often should I replace my car's fuel pump?

It would help if you did not typically replace your car fuel pump until you observe any wear or damage in your car fuel pump. However, if your vehicle has accumulated over 100,000 miles and you're already scheduling maintenance that requires the removal of the gas tank, then it will be cost-effective to replace the fuel pump simultaneously.

What are the best brands of fuel pumps available in Pakistan?

Pakistan's best fuel pump brands are Denso, BUYALP, QUANBO, Toyota, Suzuki, and United Bikes. Consider your budget and preferences before choosing a reliable brand for your needs. It's advisable to consult PakWheels, one of the most trusted auto parts suppliers in Pakistan, to find a suitable fuel pump in Pakistan for your specific vehicle.

Where can you buy affordable fuel pumps in Pakistan?

You can buy affordable fuel pumps in Pakistan from PakWheels, a reputable brand in the automotive industry. Additionally, the prices of fuel pumps vary from brand to brand. Customers can choose the fuel pump that aligns with their budget and needs. We offer auto accessories like car charger, car shampoo, and pressure washer. Moreover,

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