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Hose Pipe price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 340 to PKR 20,000

How do I choose the right hose pipe for my car?

You can choose the right hose pipe by following these tips of our automotive experts.

  • Material: Look for hoses made of durable materials like rubber or silicone, as they are more resistant to heat and wear. Check the car's manual to determine the appropriate material for your specific vehicle.
  • Size and fit: Ensure the hose pipe matches the exact diameter and length required for your car's make and model. Improperly sized hose may lead to leaks or reduced efficiency.
  • Temperature and pressure ratings: Consider the temperature and pressure ratings of the hose. Some hoses are designed to withstand higher temperatures or pressures, which might be necessary depending on your car's engine specifications.
  • Specific application: Identify the type of hose needed - whether for the radiator, heater, fuel, or vacuum system. Each hose has different requirements and functions within the vehicle. It is essential to select the right one.
  • Maintenance and warranty: Check if the hose has any maintenance recommendations or warranty.

How do you measure the hose size of a car?

You can measure a car hose's diameter by following these steps. First, use calipers or a tape measure to find the outer diameter, measuring across the widest part of the hose. Then, ascertain the wall thickness by measuring the distance between the inner and outer edges of the hose. The formula to determine the inner diameter is Inner Diameter (ID) = Outer Diameter (OD) - 2 × Wall Thickness. Subtract twice the wall thickness from the outer diameter to calculate the inner diameter accurately.

This inner diameter measurement is critical when choosing a replacement hose to ensure a proper fit. For precise sizing, consult the vehicle's manual or seek professional advice to confirm the correct hose size.

What are the different types of car hoses?

There are different types of car hoses given in the table along with the pros and cons.

Type of hose

Common material




Radiator hose

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber or silicone

Suitable for carrying coolant in the engine, heat-resistant, and flexible.

- Heat resistance - Flexibility - Resistance to coolants

- Cost - Durability compared to synthetic materials

Fuel hose

Nitrile rubber or synthetic rubber compounds

Designed for fuel transfer, chemical resistance, and cost-effective.

- Chemical resistance - Cost-effective - Good flexibility

- Limited temperature range - Durability in extreme conditions

Power steering hose

Neoprene, synthetic rubber, or thermoplastic compounds

Carries high-pressure fluids for power steering, offers flexibility and durability.

- Flexibility and durability - Chemical resistance

- Temperature sensitivity - Cost

Heater hose

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber or silicone

Used for hot coolant transfer, heat-resistant, and flexible.

- Heat resistance - Flexibility

- Durability compared to other materials

Vacuum hose

Nitrile rubber, silicone, or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Conveys various fluids or gases, chemical resistance, and good flexibility.

- Chemical resistance - Flexibility

- Temperature sensitivity - Durability under extreme conditions

Air conditioning hose

Nitrile rubber, Neoprene, or a combination of rubber and synthetic materials

Handles refrigerants in AC systems, offers flexibility and durability.

- Chemical resistance - Flexibility and durability

- Cost - Temperature sensitivity

How do I know if my car hose has to be replaced?

Detecting a bad car hose involves visually inspecting for leaks, bulging, or cracks, which can cause coolant, power steering, or brake fluid loss. Signs like overheating, low coolant levels, reduced power steering fluid, or a spongy brake pedal indicate potential hose issues. Unusual smells, like a sweet odor, could signal a coolant leak. Moreover, you should address these symptoms promptly with a professional mechanic to avoid damage or safety risks. It is essential for proper vehicle operation.

How often should I check or replace hose pipes?

You should regularly check hoses every few months for wear, cracks, or bulges during routine maintenance. Replace hoses immediately upon noticing any damage to prevent potential issues. Coolant hoses typically need replacement every 4-5 years, but the actual lifespan varies based on conditions and material quality. Be attentive to changes in hose texture and follow manufacturer guidelines for your specific car mode to ensure optimal performance and safety.

How to clean hose pipes?

You can clean the hose pipe by following these steps.

  • Gather materials: Prepare a bucket of warm, soapy water (mild detergent) and a soft-bristled brush or sponge.
  • Turn off the car: Ensure the engine is cool and turned off before beginning the cleaning process.
  • Locate the hoses: Identify the hoses you want to clean under the hood of your car. Be cautious around the engine components.
  • Cleaning process: Gently scrub the hoses with soapy water using a brush or sponge to remove dirt, grime, and grease. Pay attention to the entire hose length and focus on areas that might have accumulated more debris.
  • Rinse thoroughly: Use clean water to rinse off the soapy residue. You may use a hose with a gentle flow or a damp microfiber cloth for rinsing.
  • Drying: Allow the hoses to air dry, or use a clean, dry cloth to pat them dry before starting your car.

What are the best brands of hose pipes available in Pakistan?

The best brands for hose pipes in Pakistan are Samco, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, and Daihatsu. Moreover, the prices vary from brand to brand depending on customer needs. You can choose PakWheels since it is one of the best hose pipe suppliers in the automotive industry. We have been assisting our customers since 2003.

Where can you find affordable car hoses in Pakistan?

You can find affordable car hoses from PakWheels, a trusted brand that has served their customers for more than two decades now. Our other premium auto accessories include oxygen sensors, car keychains, car gaskets, and seals. Furthermore,

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