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  • AutoGlym Hi Tech Finishing Cloth - HICLOTH

    • Car Care
    • Microfiber Cloth
    PKR 3,000
    PKR 2,499
  • ArmorAll Jumbo Sponge

    • Car Care
    • Microfiber Cloth
    PKR 600
    PKR 450

Microfiber Cloth Price in Pakistan

Microfiber Cloth price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 150 to PKR 7,299.

Microfiber Cloth Price
Microfiber Cloth Price (Min) PKR 150
Microfiber Cloth Price (Max) PKR 7,299


What are different types of microfiber cloths for car?

Drying towel: You can use this micro fiber cloth for drying a vehicle more efficiently.

Interior cleaning cloth: You can use soft and gentle towels as car interior cleaners meant for cleaning dashboards, seats, and upholstery.

Exterior cleaning cloth: You can use this exterior cleaning cloth for cleaning the car exterior, paint and body..

Glass cleaning cloth: You can use this cloth for cleaning a glass only and achieve steak free finish.


What you need to look in a micro fiber cloth before buying?

According to our experts you should consider these essential factors in order to make a right choice.  before buying microfiber cloth

  • Quality: Choose microfiber towels with ultra-fine fibers for superior cleaning and absorption capabilities.
  • Density: Choose towels with a higher fiber density for improved performance and durability.
  • Size: Choose a towel size that matches your cleaning needs. Moreover, larger towels can be used for broader cleaning and smaller ones for interior detailed cleaning.


What is GSM and how it impacts the quality of microfiber cloth?

GSM (Grams per Square Meter) is a unit of measurement that indicates how many grams of material are contained within a one-square-meter area.  Moreover, GSM mainly indicates the density and thickness of the microfiber cloth, which directly affects its cleaning capabilities and durability for car cleaning


What are the GSM values for common car cleaning microfiber cloths?

Type of Microfiber Cloth


Glass Cleaning Cloth


Drying Towel


Exterior cleaning cloth


Interior Cleaning Cloth


These GSM ranges are approximate and can vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and specific product variations. It's essential to choose the right GSM for your intended car cleaning task to achieve the best results.


Can a micro fiber towel scratch my car?

Microfiber towels are a safe and effective choice for caring for your car’s exterior. It won’t harm the car wax and its polish. Moreover, high-quality, soft microfiber towels are recommended for a gentle touch. They excel at picking up dirt and debris. So, simply ensure they're clean and well-maintained for best results. Proper care of your microfiber towels will keep your car looking great.


How do I remove dust from my car with micro fiber cleaning towel?

You can remove dust by following these steps suggested by our experts who have been using microfiber cloth for thier car cleaning

  • Clean towel: Start with a clean microfiber towel to prevent scratching.
  • Apply water/detailer: Spritz water or a detailer onto the car's surface for lubrication.
  • Gentle wiping: Use a gentle, one-directional wiping motion to remove dust.
  • Refold towel: Refold the towel to access fresh, clean sections as it gets dirty.
  • Repeat section by section: Dust the car in manageable sections.
  • Inspect and touch-up: Check for any remaining dust or smudges and address as needed.
  • Proper storage: Store the towel in a clean, dry place to keep it free from contaminants.


How to clean microfiber cloth after use?

  • Separate cleaning: Wash microfiber cloths individually to prevent debris and cross-contamination.
  • Use washing machine: Clean with hot or cold water, avoiding hot water to preserve cloth quality.
  • Apply microfiber cloth detergent: Use mild detergent, avoid harsh chemicals to maintain absorbency.
  • Provide adequate space: Avoid overloading the washing machine for efficient cleaning.
  • Recheck before storing: Inspect for leftover dirt after washing to ensure cleanliness.
  • Change them as required: Replace microfiber cloths when they lose effectiveness due to wear and tear.


Where can I find an affordable microfiber cloth in Pakistan?

You can buy an affordable microfiber cloth in Pakistan from Pakwheels, a reputable name in the automobile industry. Additionally, you can browse through our all available options and compare prices to find the most budget-friendly micro fiber cloth that suits your needs. We offer premium microfiber towels without comprising on quality.

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