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  • ABRO Power Steering Flush | PSF Oil

    • Oils & Lubricants
    • Car power steering oil
    PKR 1,111
  • Warco ATF - 1 Ltr

    • Oils & Lubricants
    • Car atf and mtf oil
    PKR 1,120

Oils & Lubricants price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 190 to PKR 43,020.


Oils & Lubricants Price
Oils & Lubricants Price (Min) PKR 190
Oils & Lubricants Price (Max) PKR 43,020

How do I choose the lubricating oil for my car?

You can choose the lubricating oil for your car by considering these factors:

  • Owner's manual: Refer to the car's owner's manual for manufacturer-recommended engine oil type, viscosity, and change intervals.
  • Viscosity ratings: Understand viscosity ratings (e.g., 5W-30) and choose car oil with a viscosity range matching the manual's recommendation.
  • Driving conditions: Consider your driving habits and climate to select oil suitable for your needs.
  • Synthetic vs. conventional: Choose between synthetic and conventional oils based on manufacturer approval and budget.
  • Special requirements: Check for any specific requirements for high-performance or specialty vehicles.

What are the different type of lubricating oils?

The different type of lubricating oils are given in the table along with its pros and cons.

  • Engine oil is utilized in internal combustion engines to diminish friction between moving parts. Its primary advantages include reducing friction and wear in engine components. However, a drawback is its need for regular replacement due to degradation over time. The best brands for this oil are TotalEnergies, Shell, Havoline and Pennzoil.
  • Transmission fluid is designed for use in both automatic and manual transmissions, facilitating smooth gear shifting and reducing wear on transmission components. Its benefits include the promotion of smooth gear shifting and the reduction of wear. However, periodic replacement is necessary, and it is sensitive to contamination. The famous brands of transmission fluids are Abro, Petromin, Toyota, and Zic.
  • Hydraulic fluid, including brake oil, is a type of hydraulic fluid used in hydraulic systems to transmit power and maintain lubrication under high pressure. Its pros include efficient power transmission and effective lubrication in high-pressure systems. However, it is sensitive to temperature changes and can be corrosive, with varying degrees of corrosiveness depending on the type.
  • Gear oils are specifically formulated for gear systems, providing protection and lubrication to gears in various gearboxes. The advantages include reducing friction, noise, and wear in gear systems. On the downside, gear oils may exhibit viscosity variations based on temperature and may require periodic replacement. The best brands for gear oil are Hagan, Motul, Aisin, Warco, and ZEO.
  • Greases are semi-solid lubricants containing a thickening agent, offering extended and durable lubrication. They stay in place in bearings and joints, providing extended lubrication. However, greases can be challenging to apply in certain situations, may attract and hold contaminants, and may require complete removal for specific maintenance tasks. The best brands are WD40, 7CF, Bullsone, ABRO, and Nextzett.

What is lubricating oil used for?

The main functions of lubricating oil are as follows:

  • Engine lubrication: Reduce friction in internal combustion engines, preventing wear and dissipating heat.
  • Transmission systems: Lubricate gears and bearings in automatic and manual transmissions for smooth shifting.
  • Hydraulic systems: Transmit power and lubricate in hydraulic systems, such as heavy machinery and power steering.
  • Gear systems: Reduce friction, noise, and wear in gear systems, including automotive transmissions and industrial gearboxes.
  • Bearings and joints: Greases, a semi-solid form, lubricate bearings and joints for extended and durable lubrication.


When should I change my lubricant oil?

Oil change intervals vary, but modern vehicles often recommend changing oil every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Severe driving conditions may necessitate more frequent changes. Oil change intervals depend on factors like vehicle type and driving conditions. Typically, modern cars can go 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers between changes. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations in your vehicle's manual for precise guidelines. Regular oil checks and adherence to suggested intervals improve engine longevity and efficiency.


What are the best brands of oil lubricants available in Pakistan?

The best brands of oils and lubricants in Pakistan are AmsoilShellKixxMobil1Caltex, and LiquiMoly However, customers' choices vary, and prices fluctuate from brand to brand. The choice among brands enables the customer to choose the one that aligns with their budget and needs. The table of the brands, along with the prices, is given as follows


Where can you find affordable oil and lubricants in Pakistan?

You can find affordable cars and lubricants in Pakistan from PakWheels, Pakistan's #1 automotive company, established in 2003. We offer a diversified range of automotive accessories like car batteries, brakestires and wheelsMoreover,

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WD40 Protective White Lithium Grease - 400ml

  • WD40 Protective White Lithium Grease - 400ml

    WD40 Protective White Lithium Grease - 400ml

  • Kendall Synthetic SN Competition 20W-50 - 4 Litre

    Kendall Synthetic SN Competition 20W-50 - 4 Litre

Lights and Electrical FAQs

The most important oil that goes into a car is motor oil or engine oil. The engine oil is necessary to keep the engine lubricated and working efficiently. Common lubricants that are necessary for a car include engine oil, gear oil, and hydraulic oil.
Choosing the best lubricant for a car is difficult as the need of every car varies. It depends on the way you drive your car, the type of car you have, the region in which you drive the car, and how much load your car carries. All of these factors impact the decision of choosing the oils and lubricants most suited to your car.
Lubricants are used to reduce friction between the car parts and prevent them from wearing out. They increase the life of car parts and act as purifiers by removing debris and deposits from auto parts. They increase the efficiency of auto parts and protect them from wear and tear.
Every car has a different time period after which its engine oil should be changed. This time is usually determined by the distance traveled by car, driving conditions, and the kind of engine oil regularly used. Find the engine oil of your choosing here.
Yes, PakWheels AutoStore has a wide range of car oils and lubricants of the best quality. Find the oils best suitable for your car at affordable prices here.

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