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Cars have indeed become our companions. Whether one lives in a big city or commutes between different areas from time to time, cars accompany us and thus bear the brunt. We make our cars race through dirt and make them weather the storm. As a result, the rides lose their shape and are unable to maintain their true elegance due to dust, stains, mud and other environmental factors. Both the interior and exterior of the cars get affected due to lack of cleanliness and care. This is why components like glass, tyres, dashboard, and paint need timely nourishment.

For this purpose, offers a wide range of car care products that are available online and anyone living anywhere around the country can simply order these accessories without hassle.


Apart from the cleansing of bikes and cars, people also buy car care accessories to improve the condition of their vehicles. There is a diverse assortment of such products that can enhance the look of your cars from their exterior to interior. Car care products help increase the durability of the cars which is a significant aspect of car maintenance. Here are some of the car care products that you must check out:

  • Car Wax
  • Air Freshener
  • Tyre Care
  • Glass Cleaners
  • Polishes
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Car Shampoo
  • Interior Care
  • Scratch Remover
  • Paint Compounds
  • Pressure Washers
  • Car Top Covers
  • Engine Cleaners
  • Sealant/Glass Coat


Cars aren’t cheap these days and they don’t take a lot of time in succumbing to the weather conditions. If you’ve spent your life savings to buy your dream car then it wouldn’t be a wise decision to let it be. By personally taking care of your car, you’ll know the itsy-bitsy details that’ll help you maintain it. Taking out time to personally take care of one’s car can have long-term benefits. A weekly wash can help your car stay healthy and prevent rust. If the car interior and exterior are taken care of regularly, there are fewer chances of getting bored with the same ride. No wonder people end up keeping the same car for years.


It’s a common practice nowadays to go to a car wash and spend money in order to get the cars cleaned. What people ignore is that many places for car wash use cheaper products that may cause damage to the automobile parts. Also, one requires free time to drive the car to such a center and wait in a long queue to get the vehicle cleaned.

Simply put, going to a car wash is a definite no-no. Instead, it’s better to get the car care accessories delivered at your doorstep and spare just 15 minutes to get things done. This will allow you to not only save money but also to take extra care of your vehicles, according to how you like it.


According to a rough estimate, it hardly takes 15-30 minutes to wash a car or bike. One just needs the right combination of automobile care products to go about it. Here’s how you can wash your car in a quick time and save a few bucks:

  1. Order your preferred car care accessories from Our top sellers include car shampoo, tyre gel, dashboard shine spray, dirt and scratch eraser, car polish and wax, leather cleaner and more.

  2. Once these products get delivered to your home, let the magic begin. Give your car light and foamy bath. But hey, go easy on the water. You might want to use a bucket and sponge.
  3. If you’ve been off-roading lately, apply pressure for dirt removal and scrub the parts you think need a bit of extensive cleaning. You can use a clean microfiber towel and car soap or shampoo to wash the dirt.
  4. Scrub the tyres using the tyre gel that you ordered. There is a variety of tyre shine accessories available in the market that make the wheels appear new. Keep in mind to shine the rims too.
  5. Don’t forget to clean the lights, windscreen, side mirrors and windows. You might want to check out our range of glass cleaners.
  6. When the exterior is done, use a dashboard shine spray to gently clean the inside. Pull out the floor mats to wipe the dirt thoroughly. A carpet cleaner makes the job easy and doable.
  7. Leather care too is an important subject. One often spills food on the leather or it withers with time.
  8. The leather interior is unable to maintain its texture unless a good age enhancing leather care item is used. Once the rugs are cleaned, the car is good to go.