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Spark Plugs price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 199 to PKR 40,000.

How do I choose an iridium spark plug for my car?

You can choose an iridium spark plug by considering these factors recommended by our cars specialists

  • Consult your car's manual: The manufacturer's manual provides specific information about the recommended spark plug type and size for your vehicle.
  • Understand the different types of spark plugs: There are various types, including copper, platinum, double platinum, and iridium. However, iridium spark plugs are often preferred for longevity and better performance.
  • Consider the heat range: Spark plugs are available in different heat ranges. Choosing the correct heat range is crucial for a car's engine function. A colder plug dissipates heat more effectively, ideal for high-performance or turbocharged car engines. A hotter plug is better for normal driving conditions.
  • Consider the electrode material: Spark plugs have different electrode materials (copper, platinum, iridium, etc.). Iridium spark plugs, for example, are durable and offer better performance over the long term.

How many types of spark plugs are there?

There are different types of spark plugs given in the table along with pros and cons.

Type of spark plug




Copper spark plugs

Made of a copper core with a nickel alloy electrode.

- Good conductivity - Inexpensive - Decent performance

- Shorter lifespan due to faster erosion - Not as durable as other types

Platinum spark plugs

Utilize a platinum disc as the electrode.

- Longer lifespan than copper - Resistant to erosion - better performance and efficiency

- Higher cost than copper plugs - Less conductive than copper

Double platinum spark plugs

Both electrodes (center and ground) are made of platinum.

- Longer lifespan than single platinum plugs - Enhanced performance

- better conductivity than platinum plugs

- Higher cost

Iridium spark plugs

Feature a fine-wire center electrode made of iridium.

- Exceptional longevity - Superior performance and efficiency - Extremely durable

- Among the most expensive - Limited heat dissipation

Ruthenium spark Plugs

Similar to iridium plugs but use ruthenium.

- Excellent durability and longevity - Enhanced engine performance - Efficient combustion

- Relatively new, less availability - Higher cost

Are all spark plugs the same size?

No, spark plugs come in different sizes and specifications, including various heat ranges, thread sizes, and reaches to fit other engines. However, some manufacturers have opposite numbering systems. Bosch and Champion both indicate hotter plugs with high numbers.

  • Heat range number: It indicates the spark plug's ability to dissipate heat. Lower numbers signify hotter plugs (the electrode tip heats up faster), while higher numbers indicate colder plugs (heat is transferred away more efficiently). For instance, a range from 2 to 11 might be seen, with 2 being hotter and 11 being colder.
  • Thread size: Spark plugs have specific thread sizes that match the threads in the cylinder head. Standard thread sizes include 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, etc.
  • Reach: This refers to the length of the threaded portion. The most common reach measurements are 0.375" (short) and 0.750" (long). For instance, a spark plug might be denoted as "NGK BKR6E-11":
  • "NGK" is the brand.
  • "BKR6E" is the model or series.
  • "-11" represents the heat range.

How do spark plugs work?

Spark plugs are vital components in internal combustion engines, igniting the air-fuel mixture in the cylinders. They receive high-voltage electricity from the ignition system, generating a spark between the center and ground electrodes. Moreover, this spark ignites the compressed air-fuel mixture, initiating controlled combustion. The resulting explosion drives the piston and generates power. Constructed to endure extreme heat and pressure, spark plugs require periodic inspection and replacement due to wear. It ensures optimal engine performance.

How to clean spark plugs?

You can clean the spark plug by following these tips:

  • Gather materials: Obtain a wire brush or a specialized spark plug cleaner tool, safety goggles, compressed air, and a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Prepare work area: Find a well-ventilated space and ensure the engine is cool before removing spark plugs.
  • Remove spark plugs: Use a spark plug socket and wrench to remove the spark plugs from the engine.
  • Inspect the plugs: Examine the electrodes for carbon deposits or dirt. If heavily soiled, cleaning might help restore performance.
  • Cleaning process: Use the wire brush or cleaner tool to scrub the electrodes, removing any buildup gently. Do not use abrasive materials that could damage the spark plug.
  • Inspect and reinstall: After cleaning, ensure the plugs are thoroughly dry. Please inspect for any damage, then reinstall them using the appropriate torque specifications.

How long does a car spark plug last?

The longevity of car spark plugs typically ranges from 30,000 to 100,000 miles, with the actual lifespan dependent on various factors. The type of spark plug used also influences its duration; copper spark plugs, the standard type, typically endure between 10,000 to 20,000 miles, while silver plugs, often found in older vehicles, may last up to 20,000 miles. Upgraded iridium or platinum spark plugs tend to have a longer life span, lasting around 60,000 miles.

What are the best brands of spark plugs available in Pakistan?

The best brands of spark plug in Pakistan are Denso, BOSCH, NGK, and Toyota. The prices of the spark plugs vary from brand to brand. Additionally, PakWheels has been one of the best automotive companies serving car enthusiasts since 2003. You can buy premium quality plugs from us for the smooth running of your vehicle on the road without worries.

Where can I find affordable spark plugs in Pakistan?

You can buy affordable car spark plugs from PakWheels, Pakistan's most trusted automotive company. We have been serving our customers for over 20 years. Our premium auto accessories include car fan beltscar suspension parts, and AC filters. Additionally,

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