Car Woofer for Sale in Pakistan (24)

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The main purpose of woofers is to generate bass whereas tweeters are designed to produce treble. There is a huge variety of Car woofer and subwoofers present in the market. Woofer price in Pakistan depends on the brand as well as the condition if it’s used. Car woofers have gained popularity back in early 2000's. However, it is noticed that currently there are quite a lesser number of vehicles equipped with woofers and subwoofers compared to cars couple of years ago. None the less, there are still many loud music fans available who take their brand new vehicle directly from showroom to an audio shop to get the music system updated.

Key Features and Specifications

Features and specifications of every different model of woofer vary. Woofers can produce sounds ranging from 60 Hz to 250 Hz. However, the outcome of the woofer changes along with the size of the basket in which it is installed. The larger the basket, the more bass it produces, however, for every subwoofer there is an optimum sized basket in which the outcome is at its peak. 


There is a huge list of companies which have the stereo system available all around the world. In Pakistan, popular Car Woofer are JBL, Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood Woofers. However, there are quite of few models of Bose, Rockford and JL audio present in the market.

Usability and functionality

People who love loud music go for Car Woofers and Car Amplifier. It is seen that JBL and Pioneer subwoofers are popular in the market. The functionality of these woofers is pretty simple. However, the installation is complex. There needs to be a good quality cable to support the outcome along with good quality relays and reliable amplifier. While installing a woofer or a subwoofer, it is important to install an amplifier too and get them connected.