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Purchasing and maintaining a car are two different things. Proper car maintenance should be performed every 3000-5000kms. Checking fluid levels on 3000km is important as it'll guide you if there is a leakage or not. However, it is necessary to get the tires rotated after every 10,000kms to make sure that the threads don't wear irregularly. Car care is not always so technical and completed; it can be as simple as checking the windshield water throwing bottle, during a journey there can be dust and dirt which can make your vision unclear so you'll have to use water to clean. 

The car wash is another important aspect to keep your vehicle running in good condition. However, regular car wash comes with problems such as rust in coastal areas.

Key Features and Specifications

There are plenty of things to check during car maintenance such as brake fluid level, gear oil level, tires inflation checks, belt checks, light check and battery check, etc. Checking all these things on time and making sure they are at the correct point will never make you disappoint in the middle of the journey. 


There are a lot of car care products present in the market. One of the most famous car care product is WD40. However, recently it has been seen that there are a lot of new products for car care category such as anti-rust formulas. These new technologically advanced products have made car maintenance easy at least for interior and exterior. 

Usability and functionality

If you notice there are many car care outlets now open. Many people who felt lazy to get their car maintained now send their vehicles to these outlets for a maintenance check. It is a good initiative as this will keep the vehicles maintained.