10 Important features to know about Santa Fe Pakistan

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Santa Fe, an all-new SUV launched by Hyundai Nishat Motors has been the centre of conversation among many automobile enthusiasts for the past one week or so. A majority of people have criticized the launch price of Santa Fe which seems very much out of the equation considering the auto market of Pakistan. For those who want to see the SUV, it’s exclusively displayed at the Hyundai’s digital showroom, Emporium Mall, Lahore, along with the MPV Grand Starex, the other vehicle launched by the manufacturer. However, keeping apart this particular price issue, let’s check out the most prominent features of Santa Fe, launched in Pakistan.

Check the specifications and features of Sante Fe here

HTRAC, also displayed at the rear of the Santa Fe is derived from Hyundai Traction Control. This technology is based on the all-wheel drive (AWD) that helps you traverse the icy and rough road conditions with much ease. It allows you an additional amount of traction while driving the vehicle which is particularly built for off-road adventures with its all-wheel-drive technology.

Panoramic Sunroof:

The all-new SUV is featured with a panoramic sunroof which provides an extra amount of exposure into the vehicle. On a pleasant sunny day in winters, you can certainly enjoy this amount of roof exposure which also gives a feel of spacious cabin space. As its name suggests, it extends right from the front of the roof and goes all the way back; certainly, a feature one would love to have in the vehicle, particularly in an SUV.

Automatic Rain Sensor:
In terms of technology, Santa Fe has a few out of the box features that are bound to excite you. The model launched in Pakistan also has rain sensors installed in it. Many of you would be wondering about their functionality. Well, it works on the principle of total internal reflection. A certain amount of infrared light is beamed from the interior of the vehicle into the windshield at an angle of 45-degrees. When it starts to rain, the windscreen gets wet which in turn results in less reflection of light back to the rain sensor, an action that triggers the operation of wipers. So, the driver can entirely focus on driving during rainy conditions without the hassle of turning on the wipers, which take care of themselves.

Auto-cooled glove box:
The auto-cooled glove box feature of Santa Fe allows you to keep your drinks cool. It’s a common feature in the vehicles around the globe. It is to be noted here that this particular compartment is only meant to keep things cool and not cold. So, its not a refrigerator.

Driving Modes:
If you are planning on buying Santa Fe, you should know that this vehicle is equipped with three types of driving modes in accordance with your mood or style of driving.
• Comfort
• Eco
• Sports

In comfort mode, the driving experience is optimized for any typical driver whereas the eco-mode allows you to maximize the fuel economy while sacrificing some amount of power by a balance phenomenon. However, the sports mode allows the driver to gain maximum control of steering dynamics and enhances the response of the engine and transmission. All the auto enthusiasts can achieve that extra amount of fun and excitement while shifting to this mode.

Lumbar Support:
This is an underrated yet very important feature in terms of comfort and keeping a correct sitting posture. Most of us ignore our sitting posture while driving which causes back pain very often. Santa Fe has lumbar support on its driver’s seat which helps in pulling the shoulders back for a much better posture. The engineered seat design allows relieving that extra amount of pressure on your back muscles.

Electrically controlled driving seat:
The driving seat of the Sports Utility vehicle launched in Pakistan has electrical control adjustment. This feature is coupled with several small electric motors that are configured with a switch to control the seat adjustment. So, just sit back and use the switch to adjust your seat in accordance with your height and safe driving style.

Android Auto and Apple Car Play:
The 7-inch touch screen infotainment system of the vehicle is provided with the modern-tech Android Auto and Apple Car Play connectivity. This allows you to mirror the features from any Android or IOS device to the car’s built-in infotainment head unit. The technology allows you access to a number of apps on your mobile device through the car’s display and therefore you can stay ahead of time by managing your stuff on the go.

7’’ TFT LCD:
The instrument cluster of Hyundai Santa Fe has a 7-inch TFT LCD which displays all the important information required by the driver while driving. The display looks superb with the digital parameters aligned with the real-time information. It also gives a refreshing feel to the driver for having something unique from the conventionally styled instrument clusters.

Parking sensors:
The newly launched vehicle comes with parking sensors which help in parking the vehicle with extreme precision and accuracy. Even if the driver is not skilled in parking at narrow spaces, this particular feature helps in ensuring a safe parking experience. The parking sensor is equipped with a proximity sensor which is designed in a way that alerts the driver of any obstacles while parking the car in a tight space.

On the other hand, there are several other modern safety features that are not included in the model which is launched in Pakistan, including the forward collision-avoidance with pedestrian detection, blind-spot collision warning, and lane keeping assist feature. There is another feature of heads-on display in the international models of Santa Fe which features the display of speed and other important real-time running parameters in the driver’s line of sight above the steering wheel. It helps the driver in concentrating on the road without the need of looking at the instrument cluster.
Notwithstanding Santa Fe’s price in Pakistan, what do you think about the features provided in this SUV? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay with PakWheels for all the latest updates on the automobile industry.

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