2 automakers have been awarded Brownfield status

Under the auto policy 2016-21, the government has given many incentives to the local and the coming foreign brands. In one of our previous articles, we mentioned the companies that were granted Greenfield investment status by the concerned authorities. Similarly, in this write-up, we will be telling you people regarding the companies which have received Brownfield status.

As of now, according to our research, two automakers have been given Brownfield investment status by the government, which are:

  • Ghandhara Nissan
  • Dewan Motors

Ghandhara Nissan: 

The company after being awarded Brownfield status has announced to bring Datsun cars into the country and also investing millions in the process. Moreover, has signed importer agreement with Renault Trucks SAS to import heavy-duty trucks to Pakistan.

Furthermore, the company is gearing up to launch double-cabin pickup JAC T6 in Pakistan in the coming days. We have also confirmed the news from one of the official dealers. It has even started assembling JAC X200 locally in collaboration with its Chinese partner JAC Motors.

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Dewan Motors:

Dewan Motors is a local importer of BMW cars and is a well-known brand in the country. The company attained Brownfield status before Ghandhara Nissan. It has collaborated with Daehan and launched Daehan Shehzore pickup which is equipped with 2600cc naturally aspirated 4-cylinder SOHC 8-valve diesel injection engine.

Daehan Shehzore is priced at PKR 1,849,000.

Let’s wait and see what other products both the companies will bring in the future.

What is a Brownfield Status?

A Brownfield Investment is defined as a revival of an existing assembly and/or manufacturing facilities, that is non-operational or closed on or before July 01, 2013 and the make is not in production in Pakistan since that date and the revival is undertaken either independently by the original owners or the new investors or under joint venture agreement with foreign principal or by foreign principal independently through purchase of plant.


  • Import of non-localised parts at 10 percent rate of customs duty and localized parts at 25 percent duty for three years for the manufacturing of Cars and LCVs.
  • Import of all parts (both localized and non-localised) at prevailing customs duty applicable to non-localised parts for manufacturing of trucks, buses, and prime movers for three years.

This list is based on our findings, if you have anything to add, please comment below. Stay tuned for latest updates.

My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.

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  1. How come this is News? I have been reading GreenField and BrownField over and over again for last few months. I think PakWheels is running out of New Authenticated News so same News Get Printed repeatedly by it's bloggers.

    Please tell me Authenticated News Which Exact Models each of these GreenField and BrownField Companies are Launching in Pakistan and not the assumption and copy pasted articles from international forums.

  2. Ans one thing more.... Dewan group is going to launch Ssangyong Tivoli in Pakistan. And its on everyone mouth.
    Give news of volkswagen. Renault. Kia. Hyundai. What is their progress. You have no info

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