48pc Traffic Crashes in Punjab Declared Fatal: Punjab Development Statistics

The Punjab Statistical Survey, which was announced in March earlier this year, reveals that the total number of accidents recorded in the previous year have reached 4186, out of which 48.4% attribute as ‘Fatal’ and 51.5% as ‘Non-Fatal’. The interesting piece of information, however is revealed by the raised number of persons directly involved in these accidents. The number of casualties (killed and Injured) increased by 4.77% as opposed to the previous year’s data.

It seems even introducing new campaigns and passing new laws have not worked out for the Punjab Traffic Police.

Three types of major accidents occur on the highways: unskilled drivers driving without a licence, over-speeding and overtaking without proper indication.

An auto-industry survey conducted by PakWheels.com reveals that 24% of the drivers on the roads have admitted to not having a licence. The sample set of this survey featured 11,000+ Pakistanis from across the country, and alarmingly teenage drivers stack-up 41% of the above mentioned figure of unlicensed drivers in Pakistan.

At the same time, the mentality of driving a vehicle without a proper licence and knowledge is very dangerous. As revealed by International Driving Symposium on Human Factors in Driver Assessment, Training and Vehicle Design; drivers with no prior training checked their right side 20.3% less than the trained driver in a risky driving scenario.

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  • Ahmed

    And most of them involve bikers! Bikers are a menace on our roads.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Road kitne bhi achay karlo, jab tak log jahilon ki tarah gadi chalaenge accidents aur hongay. High beams ki waja se kitne hotay hongey I wonder aur indicator to jese gadiyon me ata hi na ho

  • Guest

    “Three types of major accidents occur on the highways: unskilled drivers
    driving without a licence, over-speeding and overtaking without proper

    All 3 cases listed above are not “types of accidents”. They are causes of accidents.

    OTOH unskilled driver and a driver without a license, two different things shoved together in one sentence. A driver could be skilled but without a license (expired maybe, or never applied). A driver maybe unskilled and with a license (I am sure many of our sexist readers would think about those women drivers whose driving exposure is limited to pick and drop of their school-kids and they display worse road manners.)

    Types of accidents have not been categorized in the article above. Types could be like “crashes involving 2 cars”, “crashes involving motorbikes”, “crashes involving trucks and buses”, “crashes involving single vehicle” (such as car-into-ravine situation), “crashes occurring due to mechanical fault in vehicle” (now this is both a reason and a type of accident), “crashes occurring due to weather condition” (this is also a reason and a type of accident), “crash with an animal”.

    It is funny how the people and their behaviours get to blame for the road crashes but never the cars or car manufacturers.

    “Number of persons directly involved in the crashes” and one of the reasons could be overloading which has increased which also has nothing to with the drivers and everything to do with the owners and police.

    There is no mention of crashes occurring due to wayward buffaloes and dilapidated infrastructure. No mention of encroachment, absence of proper visibility and absence of safe stopping sight distances.

    Another interesting approach is that the total number of road miles traveled have increased on the average. How do we know that? We know that because just last month there was an article on PW Blog which noted how the number of tonnes of petroleum imports have increased in view of the lower price of petrol.
    In fact the number of casualties vs travel occurred may have gone well down because the number of casualties have increased 4.77% but the number of collective road miles traveled by the whole province has increased let’s suppose by 23% then if the number of casualties have not increased proportionally then it means the figures are actually very good.

  • Palaupakistani

    In pakistan road accidents affect the poor and lower middle class…people on motorbikes without helmet, ppl on trains, ppl on substandard buses and trucks and vans. The rich have cars with abs, and seat belts atleast, albeit w/o airbags which i think are absolutely necessary. Also in the west a license is considered a luxury not a right. You do a violation you lose it on third attempt

  • Guest again

    What were you thinking?

    A few years ago, the son of a big shot politician died in a car crash and he slapped Indus with a lawsuit because the UG Corolla did not blow the airbag.
    The army senior whose Accord was crushed by a dumper because the old man refused to budge because the traffic light was red in the wee hours of the night.

    The army officer who died along with his driver when his Vigo slipped on Motorway.

    The first one was in the newspapers, the second and third were extensively discussed in PW forums. All three crashes were fatal.

    Or you believe in the routine communist mindset which is a joke on equality where poor man’s problems are sympathized with and rich man’s sufferings are made fun of?

  • Palaupakistani

    No need to make fun of anyone…just look at the statistics…who dies more

  • hurt

    u r a typical arrogant snob. bikers dot have money of illicit means like yours. btw, ppl like u only flaunt daddy’s money. yall are inept individually and the real menace for our society.

  • Ahmed

    Having a car doesn’t mean that person has money from illegal means or given from dad. Are you high on something? This is a general trend that bikers these days are a mess atleast in Lahore. I assume you’re a biker having severe jealousy issues from cars 😀

  • Guest again

    Okay, and why did you omit to mention that in the west proper infrastructure is considered a right, not a luxury?

  • Guest again

    Tough choice. People with supposedly “halal” income having worst road manners! And people with allegedly comparatively illicit means of income having better road manners! Which one to side with!

  • Palaupakistani

    Bhai jaan, lahore k main boulevard or new york ki 5th avenue mei sirf law following ka farq hai or kuch nai

  • Palaupakistani

    Lets compare te night mare of gt road with motorway, who dies more on the gt road..the poor mostly

  • Palaupakistani

    Not every one has money earned thru illegal means, ever heard of smething called hardwork?

  • Guest yet again

    Sorry to say but they themselves behave like their lives are worthless. They jump in front of fast vehicles even in places where overpass is available. They carelessly meander. Beggars.

    Low speed traffic tries to “teach” intercity traffic a lesson. Motorcyclists themselves try to intercept trucks. Street hawkers deliberately sit on the road (on the road, not the roadside) with their entire shop.

    Donkey carts carelessly turning at whim, in some cases getting the donkey killed too.

    I am sure you know a lot of incidents like this:
    * dark night
    * donkey cart with protruding iron reinforcement or something
    * fast motorcyclist
    * donkey cart has no light or reflector (as per traffic laws, they must have a lantern hanging below the vehicle)
    * motorcyclist hits the donkey cart and gets stabbed by millions of iron bars
    * instant death

    So many such cases happen, the perpetrator, negligent, careless, and the victim, negligent, careless, both belong to the poor class. Poor hurts poor, now where are the rich people you were talking about?

  • Palaupakistani

    U seem to suggest that i somehow am blaming the rich for all this. On the contrary i am explaining how since most accidents dont affect us people driving in cars we dont do much to provide optiond for the poor to advance to a much more better and safer means of travel. The millions of motorcyclists on our roads, what option do they have? How about cutting duties on a mehran and make it available for the poor.

  • Palaupakistani

    so how do you intend to bring the car revolution for those that dont have it?