500,000th Unit of TIGGO 8 Series Rolled Off

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On April 26, the 500,000th car of the TIGGO 8 series rolled off the line, marking another new milestone for Chery: the TIGGO 8 series has become a powerful member of the “Club of 500,000 Cars”. This achievement means the TIGGO 8 series has become, among compact SUVs and 7-seat SUVs of Chinese brands, the fastest model to have achieved the sales of 500,000 cars, showing the “acceleration” of the China brand of Chery.

As the 500,000th car rolled off, the TIGGO 8 series, with the historical mission on its shoulder, will bring the Chery brand onto a higher level and set out on the new journey of the next 500,000 cars.

                    Tiggo 8 Series

At the ceremony, Chairman Yin Tongyue of Chery Automobile said: “The success of the TIGGO 8 series can be attributed to the philosophy to focus on users and create value for clients as well as the support and trust from the consumers. I believe TIGGO 8 series will make more champion achievements in the future!”

Star Models Across the Series, Winners both in Sales and Reputation

As Chery’s star product, TIGGO 8 series, ever since its launch in April 2018, has followed the market trend and optimized and enriched products to meet the demands of different consumers. By virtue of hardcore quality, TIGGO 8 series has achieved the stunning sales of 20,000 cars per month in the heated Chinese market and maintained hot sales in many overseas markets such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Chile. In March 2022, Chery sold 60,273 cars, a year-on-year growth of 14.4%, and in the first quarter, the figure was 172,155 cars, a year-on-year growth of 25.9%. On the global scenario, the first quarter sale for TIGGO 8 series was 41,066 cars, a year-on-year growth of 14.2%.

TIGGO 8 PRO, the latest mainstay of the TIGGO 8 series, has gained the most favor the users since its launch and, by virtue of its fashionable design and hardcore it, strength has won many fanatics and awards in Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. In Russia, TIGGO 8 PRO won three authentic prizes during one single event: the “Most Popular Chinese SUV”, the “Most Technical SUV,” and the “Most Popular Compact SUV With the Media” of the Year 2021. In Saudi Arabia, TIGGO 8 PRO has seen a rapid increase in sales since its launch in June 2021 and has won the “Best Advanced Technology SUV of 2021” award.


TIGGO 8 PRO in Kuwait

  Tiggo 8 Series

TIGGO 8 PRO in Saudi Arabia

  Tiggo 8 Series

TIGGO 8 in Brazil

Global Favorite, Adherence to Craftsmanship

In the heated international competition, Chery’s systematic and international car-making ability has empowered the TIGGO 8 series to conquer global users. Since its foundation 25 years ago, Chery Automobile has always adhered to innovation, has established a comprehensive technology and product development system, and has never given up its efforts to rejuvenate China’s auto-making industry and bring Chinese brands onto the world stage. In 2021, Chery recorded 10 million global users, including 1,950,000 overseas, and ranked No. 1 for 19 consecutive years among passenger cars of Chinese brands. So far, Chery Automobile has won the title of “Top20 Chinese Enterprises of Best Overseas Image” for five consecutive years, sold its products to more than 80 countries and regions across the globe, and became the most favored. “Chinese Business Card” among overseas car owners.

 “Global favorite” comes from Chery’s adherence to and perseverance in technological innovation and its deep understanding of the consumers’ needs. Chery Automobile is always committed to meeting the consumers’ needs and experience of products. We believe the TIGGO 8 series, as more star models come into the overseas market, will meet with more global families.


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  1. Khurram says

    Well, it would be interesting to see how well the brand is able to retain the global customers in long-term.
    Anyways, the only people that are buying Chinese cars in Middle East or developed countries are the ones who have limited buying power and want to own a car but cannot afford to buy a Japanese or Korean car. Another set of people buying Chinese cars are the ones who want tech-oriented cars and would trade them once their newer technical versions arrive, in other words, they view a vehicle as a dispensable item that they could show off rather than item that should be kept until end of life.

  2. Waqas says

    Personaly best chinese brand that come in Pakistan. It isn’t worth to buy Changan, DFSK and Haval.

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