The Al-Bakistan number plate trend

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A while ago, a new sort of number plates have emerged in Pakistan and can be seen around the city streets. They are normal plates, but with “Al-Bakistan” written on them, mostly in red which is also in violation of Pakistan’s law which forbids fancy number plates. Recently, I have seen a tremendous increase in vehicles and bikes with these number plates, thus the idea for this article. Is this the start of Arabization of our country?

I asked a bike owner the reason for this plate? (He had the Al-Bakistan plate and was standing nearby)

Me: “Bhai Aap Saudia se ayay hain?” (Brother are you from Saudia?)

Person: “Nahin, Mein kabhi Pakistan se bahir ni gaya” (No I have never been outside Pakistan)

Me: “Phir number plate pe Al-Bakistan kyun likhwaya hai?” (Than why the Al-Bakistan Number plate?)

Person: “Ajkal kafi gariyun mei likha hua dekha, so mene b laga lia” (I saw many vehicles with a similar plate, so I followed suit)

Me: “Al-Pakistan kyu ni bhai?” (Why not Al-Pakistan)

Person: … (Silence)

While I do understand that Arabic language does not have the P and transforms it into a B, still the name of our country is Pakistan and not Bakistan. Most expats who lived in Arab countries are used to plates like these, but these plates should not be brought here.

This is not our culture. Can the majority of the “Al-Bakistan” number plate people even speak Arabic? Even if so, personally I see no reason for the Al-Bakistan Number plate. What are they trying to prove?? I guess people want to show their link/love for Arab countries or Arabic language but this has become more of a fashion symbol than anything else. Most of these plates have Punjab written on them, Why not Bunjab then? Why distorting the name of Pakistan only?!? In these times of crisis, the last thing that Pakistan needs is an identity shift.

The Government should take notice of these plates. Traffic wardens should fine the vehicles with these plates. This cultural gift from the Arab countries should not be accepted.

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  1. Aamir Saeed says

    Very well said.

  2. Muhammad Mansoor says

    Agree with brother Mujtaba Abbas…

  3. Sohail Ashraf Mughal says

    Appreciate it really! well done

  4. Muhammad Nowkhaiz says

    "Me (): “Al-Pakistan kyu ni bhai?” (Why not Al-Pakistan)

    Person: … (Silence)"

    Me: Al-Pakistan b kyu bhai ??
    Oh cuz we love to have pseudo-Arab identity.

  5. Muhammad AsadUllah says

    Rubbish piece of text.

  6. Zuhair Anwar says

    Red number plate is only allowed for for Embassies so all of these cars shall be violated. I have also seen many cars using police lights behind the front grill. These lights flash blue and red like police lights. May be Police is dumb in Pakistan but this is also a violation.

  7. سرور ماسٹر says

    عربی میں لکھا تو اتنی تکلیف کیوں ۔ عربی میں الباکستان ہی لکھا جائے گا جب لوگوں کو انگلش کا پتہ نہں تھا تو lahore کو بھی نہں پڑ سکتے تھے ۔ آپ نے تو پھر الباکستان پڑ لیا اور سمجھ بھی لیا اس کے باوجود یہاں آ کے لکھ دیا اور ایڈیٹر بھی کو شیعہ ھی لگ رھا ھے( جن کو عربی یا عرب کو دیکھ کر غشی پڑ جا تی ھے) ۔ اور کوئی خلاف لکھ دے تو فورا شائع کر دیا

  8. Zohaib Babar says

    glad to see someone noticing tht stupidity on number plates

  9. Zyre Mehdi says

    And why Pakistan, why not پاکستان ? Unfortunately most of the Pakistanis are not even close to being nationalist. Some are attracted towards the West, some towards the East and some towards the Middle East. Almost no one feels proud in being genuinely a Pakistani.

  10. Marie Clarie says

    mostly people are not educated or taxi drivers , so they write their cars number plate just by seeing others

  11. Amer Shahzad says

    my dear sweet friend the language you are using is that is according to our culture and tradition.Mostly cars in Pakistani has English number plates no one object while majority could not read English.we are using one foreign and that is ok so whats wrong with other?Is it really the matter of language or there is something else?it seems to me that since Arabic is consider a Muslim language and mostly Islam phobic people don't like it.

  12. Azam Ali Toor says

    Zyre Mehdi the right answer to this stupidity. Well Said.

  13. Azam Ali Toor says

    Amer Shahzad It's not about the Arabic or English. Its about Nationality. Our country name is Pakistan not Bakistan. If you observe, they will wright Al Bakistan and right under neath it there is Punjab. So if there is no P sound in Arab then Punjab should also be written Bunjab. so the matter of fact is that most of the people of the country are influenced by west, east and middle east. They are not nationalist which is sad and unfortunate.

  14. Muhammad Nowkhaiz says

    Zyre Mehdi Identity crisis 😛

  15. Rashid HAMEED says

    very poor commentary. seemingly writer showing sort of grudge for Arabic language rather than illegal number plate style.

  16. Rashid HAMEED says

    I believe writer should remove last three controversial paragraphs and post an apology.

  17. Ahmed Hembel says

    I am with you on this one 🙂 Azam ali toor said the right thing about Bunjab, and yes they should have written only 'Pakistan' (in urdu text) is someone's very nationalist. We should try to be Pakistanis not arabs…

  18. Shahid Mehmood says

    Yeah same goes to uk style blue n yellow number plates which have GB letter with stars on it and mostly registeration year is in the start eg: 14 LEB 2488

  19. Asif Shah says

    you are right bro. very well said..

  20. Asif Shah says

    mai to kehta hun Islamabd ka no plate urdu mai, punjab ka punjabi mai, pukhtoonkhwa ka pashto mai, sindh ka sindhi mai and Balochistan ka balochi mai hona chaey… 🙂

  21. Mohammad Fahad says

    These plates are used by Illiterate scumbags that come from saudi arabia, usually they are working as slaves of saudis in saudi arabia but when they come to Pakistan they just forget their identity and start showing off. Narrow minded illiterates jahils

  22. Sajjad Hussain says

    What I think that the attraction towards the West/East/Middle East is the key to deviation from Nationalism, we have never observed a Pakistani being proud to be a Pakistani instead to being an American/British or Indian. Even those people face a bitter behaviors from their favorite foreign nationals when they go there, but still they respect them as their father.
    Its obvious that the Arab language do spell P as "b" than writing Punjab with P, as the Punjab also exist in Arab favorite country India too, indicates a deliberate act of hatred towards our mother land only. So hats off to the writer to pin point something worth to be considered and dealt tactfully by the authorities.

  23. Muhammad Umair says

    Zyre Mehdi Sach baat bol di bhai tu ney (y)

  24. Muhammad Umair says

    True. But if our police was ever strong enough to take an action, an action must have been taken till now against dumbass people using high beams (and even ultra white) on two way city roads causing blinding the drivers coming from opposite side, hence causing accidents

  25. Muhammad Asghar Durrani says

    I'm a Pakistani national, living in Kabul for the last 8 years. Believe me I never saw a fancy number plate on any vehicle here. The trafic department is very much strong on few things here e.g; 1st- Any vehicle cannot be on road till it gets registered and have number plates, 2nd- A vehicle with fancy number plate is not allowed on roads in any case for anyone in any circumstances. 3rd- tinted glasses are strictly prohibited and only ministers/ cabinet members are allowed due to security reasons.

    We should at least learn good things also from anyone, not just copying the law breaking n stupid things.

  26. Imran Ahmed says

    Using non standard number plates is an offence which should be prosecuted. Laws have to be implemented if we are to have any respect for them.

  27. Wasif Ali says

    Use your heads before writing, english is also not your culture, these are Abu-Dhabi styled plates and it shows the relation of people working there all their lives, they have lived in that culture and helped all of us, u think they are disrespecting pakistan ? LOL man, go get a lollipop

  28. Omar Rahman says

    This guy probably grew his wealth in the Middle East but forgot to grow his brain

  29. Muddasir Ali Baig says

    Agreed, rubbish article……………..they'll publish anything now a days.

  30. Waseem Cheema says

    Mostly home used cars have these types of number plates as a fashion trend

  31. Rehman Rana says

    Lolz ….. this used to be my car…and I placed this registration plate….I think this thread starter has no work to do at the moment except criticizing. … go and get urself something good to do other than such silly things to do….samjh a gaya na ka al bakistan ka kia matlab hy….kafi hy… bakistam means pakistan not england man…if u find these plates so irritating then close ur eyes when u find one on streets since I hope they are not harming u in any way and price has not been paid from ur pocket

  32. Ahmad Zafar says

    chill yar. why cant we respect every one's choice in such a personal matter instead of becoming extremist nationalists

  33. Uzair Khan says

    yar yeh mhk kis city ke num plates ke series hai????

  34. Malik Aviram Vijh says

    Kabhi kisi Arab ki Pakistani ban ne ki khaish main dekha hai?

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