The ongoing False Rumors Regarding Amnesty Schemes for Cars is committed to bringing authentic news for its readers. And this time too, we are writing this piece to aware you guys about an ongoing scam in the local automobile industry. Last week Government of Pakistan announced tax amnesty scheme, which is later approved through the signature of President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain. The approval has resulted in the confusion in the whole automotive sector, and people started to debate and argue over social media platforms and forums that do cars fall under the amnesty scheme or not?

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People dealing in non-custom paid cars started spreading the false news that tax amnesty scheme is also for cars and are still encouraging people to buy cars from them and with the amnesty scheme the car would become a legalise car. However, this is all scam, and there is no amnesty scheme for vehicles, and there will be none in the near future.

The last time the government allowed non-custom paid cars to be cleared under amnesty scheme was back in 2013, however, till now the statuses of many vehicles are not clear. Excise department is not registering the cars in some provinces as well as not allowing the transfer of the car.

So, it is advised to stay away from all the rumours and scams. If someone tells us that they have actual news that cars will become legalise under the scheme, don’t believe them and save your hard-earned money. Moreover, don’t get yourself indulged in buying non-custom paid cars, it is an illegal activity. Be responsible Pakistani and buy the only custom paid vehicles, and save your money and time. Be aware of scammers.

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My name is M. Ali Laghari and I love to read and write about Cars.