Announcing The New Layout Of PakWheels Blog

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“Tabdeeli Anay Wali Nahi Hai, Tabdeeli Agai Hai” was the subject of an email I received this morning from the developers. No matter where you work, Mondays always remain blue. Imagine my bewilderment on receiving this email on a Monday morning. I was perplexed until I opened the email to see its content. Right there, in the body of the email, was the link to landing page of PakWheels Blog, the blog which I dearly love, accompanied by the line: “We’ve made some changes to your baby, and now it looks even better. Follow the link to review the changes”

To my surprise, the devs at Pak eVentures tweaked the layout of the blog to make the navigation experience for the readers better, and who would be the better judge for that than the readers themselves.

So guys, go to the landing page of PakWheels Blog and let us know what do you think about the new layout int the comments below. It is not a very drastic change, but a much needed one.

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