Atlas Honda increases bike prices by 3%

Atlas Honda from 1 August 2018 has increased the prices of its bikes for the fourth time this year by up to PKR 5,000. As per the circular, which the company has sent to its dealers, the new prices are as follow:

New Price Old Price Difference
Honda CD-70 PKR 65,500 PKR 64,900 PKR 600
Honda CD-70 Dream PKR 68,900 PKR 68,900 No change
Honda Pridor PKR 90,900 PKR 89,900 PKR 1000
Honda CG-125 PKR 110,900 PKR 109,900 PKR 1000
CB-150F PKR 172,000 PKR 167,000 PKR 5000
CB-250F PKR 640,000 PKR 640,000 No change

An analyst, while talking to, said that the main reason bike and car makers in the country surge the prices of their vehicles is due to rupee getting devalued against the Dollar, however, in the past few days the rupee has appreciated against, but still not only car maker but also bike manufacturers are increasing the rates of its vehicles. Moreover, he also said that the constant rise in bike prices could not be justified as the bike manufacturer claims that it has achieved 94% localisations.

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It is worth mentioning here that at the beginning of 2018 in January Honda Pakistan sold more than 1 lac bike making it the first company to be able to sell this many bikes in the history of Pakistan. Moreover, Atlas Honda sold 91,507 units in June 2018 with an increase of 28% on a year-on-year basis.

The company has also has decided to increase its production capacity up to 1.5 million units per year. It will be spending a hefty amount of $15 million in this regard.

Not only Atlas Honda,  but also Suzuki Pakistan has also jacked up the rates of their bikes by up to 6,500.

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