Audi AG To Start Feasibility Study For Assembling Cars In Pakistan

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The German premium automobile brand Audi AG has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Sindh Board of Investment (BoI) in order to start a feasibility study to assemble their vehicles in Sindh, Pakistan.

Under the memorandum of understanding or MoU, the German carmaker will explore various aspects of investing in Pakistan including merits and demerits. Audi will study things like legal requirements, logistical needs, federal trade policies of Pakistan, and general economic feasibility of establishing an assembly plant in Pakistan. The decision of investment will be taken after accessing all the advantages and shortcomings. Our new auto policy can play an import role in helping Audi to come up to a conclusion. If Audi decides in favor of launching an assembly plant in Pakistan, the current authorized importer of Audi vehicles in Pakistan, Premier Systems, will be assigned the task to make and start the plant.

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Ms. Naheed Memon of Sindh Board of Investment and Mr. Martin Birkner of AUDI AG signed the MoU. Also, Mr. Arshad Raza of Premier Systems was also present at the signing event along with the Consul-General of Germany in Karachi, Mr. Rainer Schmiedchen.

Audi Pakistan has worked hard to make a name in Pakistani car market. And this signing of the memorandum is a big news, not only for Pakistan’s auto sector but also for the country on the whole. One can argue that it is just about a feasibility report that can come out against the prospect of the local assembly, but a step like this has opened a door for other auto assemblers to consider Pakistan as their next potential investing grounds. We hope that everything comes out right, and Audi decides in favor of a local assembly plant.



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  1. Kashif Akbar says

    This is news of the Day. their Feasibility study will include buyers trends about it. and i’m sure they will study PakWheels Blogs to get their minutes. i recommond you folks comment maximum as possible to reflect them , we need their quality cars made here for us. this is the voice of 22 Million car enthusiast people who need quality cars nothing else………

  2. Naeem says

    yes we need a audi A3 not of 37 lacs but for 25 lacs in Pakistan and this can be done only if they star manufacturing in Pakistan……we would inshaALLAH have a assembly plant soon of Audi…..bye bye Khota Corolla, City , Bolan and Mehran,,,,

  3. usman niazi says

    i don’t think it would be less than 30 for the 1.8L of a3(international price is something like that)… audi is a luxury brand, i would prefer vw, which is the parent company…

  4. Muhammad Yasir says

    oh man … we really need Audi to make locally !
    it would be a BIG thing for Pak

  5. Awais Yousaf says

    1.8 is only meant for few markets! We would get the 1.2 TSFI or 1.4 TSFI! below 30 might be a bit hard but still somewhere near early 30 is quite possible!

  6. Ezio7 says


  7. Azeem Waqar says

    At last some good News

  8. Question says

    Which Audi model is in the background ?

  9. Waleed Ahmed says

    I already Hated Shahnawaz & Deewan Motors for charging the Hell out of Potential customers & Providing a So-Called service to Provide Benz & BMW at a HUGEEE Profit Margin, Now I HATEEe them Even Moreeee!!!
    & A Big Hurray & Wonderful Welcome to #AUDI AG, Love U <3 Love U <3 up to… ∞, what they'll provide in future, what would price they'll set, we'll see in future but right now I am quite optimistic to that, Because their prices are already pretty much reasonable (It's even cheaper than SUZUKI Kizashi :'D) & It would be a Big support & a Huge Boost in confidence of Pakistani Car Lover, Buyers & other entrants wishing to enter here.
    BOL #Audi AG

  10. FF says

    Officials from PakWheels should approach and convey the sentiments and hopes of the general population to relevant authorities at Audi AG! That would give great head start and better prospects for PW itself. All the best!

  11. Danial Khan says

    If AUDI start assembling cars in pakistan then i am to buy audi A4 INSHALLAH

  12. Ezio7 says

    That’s an A8 i think

  13. Rosh says

    Thanks AUDI

  14. Abdullah says

    Well if they start with 500 cars a month …..i think that would be a great start……..but obviously price has to be brought down so that they can initially sell 500 cars a month in the start……i think right now Audi is hardly selling 20 cars a month in Pakistan……. Assembly plant in Pakistan would be only feasible if they hit the right population size with their cars……the middle class people………Audi hatchbacks with lesser price should be launched in Pakistan…….Only very few people in Pakistan can buy a 3.7 Million Audi A3 in Pakistan…..

  15. Engineer from U.E.T says

    If Audi company apply COST CUTTING , by removing some features from their Hatch Backs specially for Pakistani Market, and sell them starting from not more than 1.2 Million , then Audi can be a HIT here. Like they must introduce their cars with lesser possible features, with Power steering and ABS and just these…

  16. Moaz Malik says

    Hmmm, this is just a feasibility study, but it’s a sign of good things to come. Even if Audi decide that assembling their cars locally doesn’t make financial sense, other manufacturers might find it feasible. Audis are premium cars, and are therefore out of reach of most Pakistanis. But VW itself or one of the Group’s other brands like Skoda might be able to shift enough units here to justify the investment in an assembly plant. Then there’s always the other Japanese brands like Mazda, Subaru and Nissan, the latter of which already has a limited presence here in the form of the Sunny.

  17. Kashif Akbar says

    If we can throw 32 lacs on a VEZEL used, getting a brand new AUDI does make more sense. the thing is , we are a nation that once starts rolling never stop. the company that is first to enter this current car market of ours must expect huge HIT. only win win situation who ever comes.

  18. Rohan Arshad says

    I will prefer volkswagen any day over audi. since audi will be very expensive for the middle class any ways.

  19. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    the name alone would be a hit in the middle class section of people…

  20. The Blessed Guy says

    No need to waste time & resources in feasibility studies. Audi is not for Pakistani market- simple as that!

  21. Yasir says

    Now days most of the famous luxury car brands are now tapping into the middle class which has a huge potential . Mercedes Kompresser is a small mid-size sedan with 6 cylinder engine equal to the Toyota corolla . BMW M3 , all these models are designed for a middle class .
    Thing is that the Japenese had dominated and monoplised the auto market in Pakistan this had to end some day and it has by letting the world class Germans in . This would seriously end the monoply of the Japenese who increased their prices whenever they liked knowing that there is no competion for them and the middle class won’t be able to afford .

  22. Yasir says

    You see Germans are very smart bussiness people they won’t gonna throw such a huge amount down the drain they deffinitely know that Pakistani conditions are not like the conditions in Gulf , Europe , or the US . They might build such models which would be suitable for the Pakistani roads

  23. Yasir says

    Those are all imported not ” Made in Pakistan ” we want ” Made in Pakistan “

  24. Yasir says

    May be one day We might see Porsche being assembled in Pakistan

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