Auto assemblers and part dealers are ripping us off on ignition coils

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Recently, the ignition coil on my Liana went bad and car was missing on CNG. I went for CNG servicing in Suzuki Motors and once it was done – they told me that the problem is with ignition coil and I will have to change it for Rs 10,000. Well, I thought this is a big amount for this coil so went to second hand spare shops in Saddar and Gawalmandi areas where all the shop keepers were demanding Rs 4500 for second hand coil.

First of all, these coils which they sell come from stolen cars and secondly price was very high considering they have already been used. It is a known fact that coils don’t last forever and with aging, they do go bad so there is no guarantee, if I would buy this then it would not go bad within few months or year time.

After this I went into the local shops and found that a shop was selling Brand new Denso coil of Liana for Rs 2500 (Made in China). I bought it and installed it in my Liana and so far the car is running fine.

Anyway, I think this is not a joke and company must have done a lot of research on these coils before manufacturing them and it is a far better choice than branded ones and second hand available in market in terms of price.

Later that night, I was surfing the internet and was trying to look for these items on sites such as and I found a supplier who was willing to sell brand new coils for USD 7 equivalent to Rs 630 each and demanded that if I will buy in larger quantities then I would save a lot on shipment charges. I have many times in past bough items from china directly and I know that I can get them for a very low price. Local sellers who sell Denso coil would have made a lot of profit on this as well and definitely companies such as Suzuki Motors are ripping their customers and local sellers are making massive profits.

Ecommerce networks are competing against these local sellers and very soon as more people will get used to buying on Internet – this will eventually throw local sellers out from market. You can see the huge difference. I intend to buy few coils from china directly so that whenever I need them, I won’t have to wait for them to be shipped.

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  1. Waqas says

    Nice article, fyi, if you bargain with suppliers on AliExpress they will give you free shipping (via ChinaPost), I do that all the time, free shipping on items over $10 via ChinaPost… I know the local post man, give him PKR50/delivery and get the delivery asap.

  2. wajahat ali says

    first of all sir with all due respect the coils which u r talking about (the 10,000 RS) coils they are genuine & geniune has no match with local.
    secondly sir the coils u r talking about (the 2500 RS) they r not genuine your car seems 2 be fine but these coils have n guarantee so after say 1 or 2 months your car prob is still there.
    as u said about price these prices are set by pak suzuki and dealers cant do any thing about that!

  3. Ali Zohair says

    Thnx, Nice share….
    But 1 precaution, Chinese are notorious for their online trade. u should involve a 3rd party to be at a safer side if u r planning to invest big..

  4. Shiblaan says

    Talha can you shed some light on how can we get the things accross from China at low price…

  5. Dr.Mazhar says

    My car suzuki khyber 94 model is having same problem i.e., missing on CNG. I have changed its plugs and many times got it tuned but of no use, what if i change my ignition coil and where in IBD/RWP i can get it on cheap rates?
    Your help is appreciated please.

  6. abdul aziz says

    Dear Talha, can I call you and find out more about the ignition coils. I have spent so much money and am still driving the same way as the company simply says change your coils they have a life. My number is 0308-222-8336.
    Please text your number

  7. Nisar says

    I have searched Mr.talhaWaleed but can’t find his contact number so that i may get some information about his china coils but failed to find talha, so my friends i am sharing my personal experience with you about china coils.
    If anyone is having problem with Liana coils, and he wants to change his coils, he may go for China coil Made by JEC(Company Name), i have visited company’s website Ignition Coil For SUZUKI CW-724632, OEM Number CW-724632, VARKA1.1L, 33400-65G00, 33400-65G01, 33410-77E01, S7000067PG, HYUNDAI 9C 19-0370, SUZUKI-99 – Shanghai Jec Auto Parts Co., Ltd and i have recently installed this coil my liana and amazing performace so far. I have purchase this coil from Khan Motors Korangi Road Karachi , Rs.1800/- Each, He gives no warranty. On website you can check the details of its material used in coil, Enamelled wire from Germany. you can write to me on my email address [email protected]

  8. bk says

    This is his profile page at You can PM him here.

  9. Saboor Ali says

    more details plz

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