An Automobile is a Man’s Best Friend

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy cars and it’s the same thing. From animal drafted carriages to motorized wagons, humans have come a long way. Automobiles are among the most significant inventions of man.

Imagine in this fast and furious era, you are riding an animal drafted carriage to reach out to your workplace? Isn’t it amazing? Oh really?? Ah I can only imagine getting on a carriage to have a royal entry to my wedding hall. Well humans never stop surprising each other, all thanks to the Almighty creator of course, with their amazing inventions.

Before 90’s, a two wheel carriage led by Horse was the major mean of traveling, but thanks to Karl Benz for thinking about us and building a Benz Patent-Motorwagen, (uh heavy name though!). Imagine the ease, the speed and the reliability of this BENZ PATENT-MOTORWAGEN. No more yelling and forcing the poor horsy to run fast, so you can reach timely, just insert the key, start the engine and whoop you go man! It is just so staggering how in one century humans have developed technology that replaced the horse powered carriages with motorized vehicles to ultra-innovatory cars, responding to voice commands and autopilot systems.

Some of the leading automobiles’ manufacturers like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, KIA, McLaren, Land Rover, Chevrolet, Volvo, Honda, Toyota and Porsche – never let your bank balance be positive by introducing the beautifully designed cars every now and then. Back in the 17th century, there were steam-powered automobiles, after which, oil-fired steam car was introduced, then came the four-wheeled Benz vehicle, fitted with Ackermann steering, now leading towards fuel efficiency, energy-savers, hybrid vehicles, battery electric vehicles, fuel-cell vehicles, GPS navigation, voice command and autopilot system.

Be it a black beauty or a sparkling red devil, or you may be attracted by silver or gold goddess, be it any color, a car is always a magical tool that enchants everyone. With the time, an automobile is becoming one of the crucial necessities for everyone. That is why it is said that a car is a man’s best friend, so choose your friend carefully!

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Jessica Anum

US Exchange Alumni, having a bachelor's degree from Iqra University. I'm a happy go person, who loves adventure, traveling and baking. I take life as a roller coaster of experiences, memories, hard work and adventures. It is never a bed of roses and so can be made one by hard work and dedication towards everything you wish to achieve!

  • Guest

    “Before 90’s, a two wheel carriage led by Horse was the major mean of traveling”

    I am sure the writer is talking about the 1890s, because some of the PW readers and members were there before 90s and there were many many cars such as EE80, Mazda 323 and EE90 which are still around as a proof.

    Assuming by the title photograph, the writer seems old enough to confuse 1990s with the 1890s.

    But on the contrary, I am sure the writer is young enough to not have seen horse-carriages. Since horse is stronger (exactly one horsepower), it is uneconomical to make it draw a single-axle cart, known in Urdu as یکّہ, which we all studied in the پہلا اردو قاعدہ. Horse-carriages have usually been double-axle, that is 4-wheeled. Some of them are fitted with a yoke on the front axle to serve as a steering.

    Even today, fancy buggies are used in lavish wedding ceremonies and they are also dual axle.