BAIC BJ40 Plus-A First Look Review 

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We have brought a walk around first look review of BJ40 Plus. Pakistan’s Saazgar Engineering is behind the development and manufacturing of this new SUV. According to the company owner, vehicle is set to hit the local market very soon. Earlier this year, BAIC revealed its first variant BJ40, while this is the upgraded version of that vehicle.

In this review, we will discuss the salient features and engine power of this SUV.

Difference Between BJ40 and Baic BJ40 Plus: 

The name of the older version of was BJ40 L, while the name of its upgraded version is BJ40 Plus. The new version is 3 inches wider than the older one. Furthermore, the company has completely revamped the interior of the latest version, from traditional to modern.

The older CBU version had left-hand drive, while the new one will come with a right-hand drive, suitable for Pakistan.

Engine of BAIC BJ40 Plus:  

The company will launch this new SUV in both diesel and petrol engines. However, both engines will be 2.0L Turbo engines, producing 218hp. The company’s owner told PakWheels that it would release the petrol version first, while diesel will hit the market in the second phase of the launch.



The front of this SUV looks very chic, especially the fog lamps. Meanwhile, you can remove its doors, roof, and fold windscreen; basically, the car is another Wrangler Jeep. “There are many SUVs in the market, but BJ40 Plus is only the second vehicle like Wrangler,” the owner said.

Fog Lamps

From the back, the roofless look of this car is quite aggressive. The brake lights at the rear also have a unique and rather stunning look. The manufacturer told us that it is perfect for people who like to hunt.

Brake Light

Drive of BAIC BJ40 Plus: 

The SUV has a very smooth and comfortable drive. As per the company owner, you can compare its drive experience with any Pakistani SUV. “If not better, it will be equal to those cars,” he said.


The look of its meter is very modern, and it comes with two themes. Furthermore, it has 11-inch infotainment floating screen, from where you can control Bluetooth, media, radio, etc. You can also use the screen from the central console.


The car has a sports mode and snow mode. The user can remove the roof from within the vehicle within 2 minutes. “The car also comes with a soft top, and you can place that roof after folding in the car,” the owner said, adding that this setting is perfect for camping and off-road trips.


The SUV has five seats, with ample space and a very comfortable ride. “The wrangler has a very uncomfortable ride, but BJ40 Plus comes with reclining seats, making it very cozy,” the manufacturer said.  

seating space

Key Features of BAIC BJ40 Plus:

The car comes with parking brakes, 3-view reverse camera, cruise control. These features will be available in standard variants. Furthermore, the red car will come with a red dashboard trim, while others will have a blue dashboard.

dashboard colour

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