Bike riders without helmet barred from entering mall road, Lahore

City Traffic Police Lahore has barred people who ride bikes without wearing a helmet from entering Lahore’s famous mall road, reported by Lahore News.

As per the media outlet, the police has created different diversions to let people know that without wearing a helmet, the excess to mall road is denied and if someone caught traveling through mall road without wearing a helmet, a fine of PKR 200 to 700 would be charged on the spot.

While talking to the media, a traffic warden said that extra wardens have been stationed to stop people from entering the road. Violators will be dealt according to the law, he added.

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Moreover, recently, Lahore High Court issued a notice regarding banning underage driving and in case of this law violation, the parents of the violators will be sent to jail.  

Moving onwards, on 24 September 2018, Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) in collaboration with the Punjab Police has introduced the E-Challan system in Lahore. Violations will be detected with the help of CCTV cameras installed throughout the city and if someone violates the traffic rules and regulation, an e-ticket fine will be generated and will be sent to the violator via courier service.

Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) is also taking strict action against people who don’t wear a helmet while riding a bike. Last year, the police issued 96964 tickets to bike users who ride without a helmet, while confiscated 4532 motorbikes as well.

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  1. Many people need to understand to that not wearing a helmet "DOESNT MAKE YOU LOOK COOL".

    plus helmets should be made compulsory for both biker & rider, not just the former, both lives are at risk.


  2. very good initiative ! helmet saves life good initiative

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