BMW X1 vs. AUDI Q3

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If you have around 6.0 Million PKR to buy a new car, BMW X1 and the Audi Q3 are good options. A BMW X1 will cost between PKR 5.0 Million and 5.7 Million if you go for additional options and an automatic transmission. Whereas Audi Q3, on the other hand, costs between PKR 5.7 – 6.2 Million Rupees (depending on the additional options required).

Comparing BMW X1 and Audi Q3

Engine Comparison:

BMW X1 comes with a 1.5 litre petrol engine that is turbo charged with twin power technology. It has 3 cylinders, which produce a torque of 220 Nm and a massive 136hp of power output. BMW claims that the X1 has an average-combined fuel consumption of about 18KM/L. Audi Q3 comes with a 4 cylinder, 1.4 litre petrol engine that produces 150hp output and 250 Nm of Torque. The Q3’s average fuel consumption is estimated to fall somewhere between 13-15 Km/L.

Interior Comparison:

X1 and Q3 interior

The BMW, no doubt has a more attractive interior. It comes in two interior colours; beige and black. The seats are covered with synthetic leather. The interior is quite spacious and the boot space is bigger than the Q3; though the front seats look a bit smaller than the Q3. The Boot space of BMW X1 is 505 L while Audi Q3 has a boot space of 460L. Audi Q3’s interior comes in three colours; Black, Chestnut brown and Rock Grey. The Q3 also has a better cabin quality and more space in the back seats.

Exterior Comparison:

BMW X1 and AUDI Front

Audi q3 vs Bmw x1

The BMW X1 comes with 17-inch alloy rims. The new X1 is greater in height and width, however it is smaller in length than its predecessor. BMW’s X1 is bigger than Audi Q3 in length, though it is not as wide as the Q3. X1 has a ground clearance of 183 mm, while Q3 has a ground clearance of 200 mm. BMW X1 is heavier than Audi Q3 and X1 also has a bigger wheelbase than the Q3. The Front lights give the BMW a more appealing look when compared to Audi Q3.

BMW X1 Dimensions

Audi Q3 Dimensions

There is no doubt, both cars are great. They are both equipped with the best in German technology and choosing the best between the two is a tough decision to make. BMW X1 with an automatic transmission and other additional features like panoramic sunroof, will cost about PKR 5.0 Million, though this price will be upgraded by the end of October. It is likely that by next year, BMW X1 would cost around 5.5 Million+ PKR. On the other hand, Audi comes with a lot of features, and for PKR 6.0 Million it seems to be a good choice.

If you had 6.0 Million Rupees, which one of these would you prefer?

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  1. Fazal Wahab says

    The current Q3 is on its end cycle , means another 10 to 12 months of production before next generation Q3 arrive which will be on VW’S MQB platform and will be bigger and roomier. The current Q3 is on golf MK5 platform which makes it very tight inside.

    In any case I don’t recommend anyone buying a Q3 at this time as the new Q3 will be much upscale, more tech advanced in and out.

  2. Abdul Hanan says

    There is also the booking time to worry about. Since (These cars) CBU’s are imported in Pakistan, both cars will be delivered after 3-4 month’ (In Audi’s case) and 7-8 months in X1’s case. And in the mean time if the new Q3 is launched, then the delivery time alone will be quite a handful…

  3. Zee says

    The first photo with front exterior shot is of the old model of BMW X1. This is what the new model looks like:

  4. Guest says

    If I had 6.0 mn rupees, I’d buy 5 Wagon-Rs, use one for myself and raises other on rent-a-car. providing commute to many people and jobs to at least 5.

  5. Careem Agent says

    Samiullah I wish if you write a similar comparison between FAW V2 and WAGON R Vxl , That would be useful for those who read these comparisons , those who can afford BMW’s, AUDI’s hardly find time to spend on reading these blogs , but common lay man, and general public can afford cars under 15 lacs happily… So please write an article as I mentioned above. If you have nominal charges then tell me , I can arrange for you from local auto show room owners of FAW and Suzuki

  6. Muhammad Yasir says

    “general public can afford cars under 15 lacs happily”

    HAHAHAH … nice joke !

    even 1.5 million is a rich man’s game !

    Pakistan should be ASHAMED for NOT having a budget car category !

  7. Guest again says

    A typo, you wanted to say 1.5 lacs.

  8. sethi says

    see the number of 660cc, passo, corollas, swifts, vitz , cities , Faw V2 , wagonR(riskshaw) and cultus(trench) on roads… vs FX’s and Old Mehrans

  9. Omar Farooq says

    It’s a good article, I prefer the Q3 over the x1 but these will sell in very few numbers. If Dewan doesn’t want to be shut again they should stop kissing rich people’s arses and cater to more unfortunate people. There are so many motorcycles on the roads now and it’s only going to increase. Motorists don’t wear safety equipment and to add salt to the injury they drive like fools. Ever wanted to make a u-turn but couldn’t because motorcyclists kept coming on the left side of the road? Yes they need to follow a certain lane and it’s so damn annoying that they don’t. Pakwheels please make an article regarding it to raise awareness, it’s a big issue.

  10. Shahab Nasir says

    If u had 6 million to spare ull probably think bigger than renting out wagon R

  11. Jawad Butt says

    BEWARE !!! BEWARE !!! BEWARE !!!

    BMW Pakistan is selling it’s new addition X1 from the production year of 2016.
    Which means, even though your car will arrive in Mar-Apr 2017, it will bear a Tag of:

    Model Year (MY) : 2017 And
    Manufacturing year : 2016
    (as we say 2016 registered in 2017)

    All your seat belts and other indicators shall have 2016 written on them along with invoice declaring it as produced in 2016.
    This has been confirmed by a senior sales representative of BMW Lahore. So, think twice before making any hasty decisions.
    Good Luck and Take Care

  12. Asad Siddiqui says

    I am not an Audi Fan, but I am an educated man. Now if I compare just the price and specs of the Q3, it is by far not only cheaper to purchase, but furthermore more economical. So I am not sure where the author got his info.

    The Q3 with standard options is 5.7 million.
    The X1 with identical options as the Q3 comes to 6.5 million.
    The Q3 gets revised in 2018! In November a fresh facelift of the Q3 is coming.

    So just looked at these points I am not sure where the author got his info. The Q3 gets delivered in 2 months and not 7 months.

  13. Prado says

    Audi in general is more reliable in fact Consumer Reports in the US rates Audi as one of the top 4 reliable brands… but BMW has more street value

    Either way any of them is a good choice

  14. Ali says

    Lol so much information in this article is wrong. There obviously traction control in the X1, that’s been a basic requirement in Europe since 2008, plus I have seen it myself in the X1 being sold by dewan. The picture of the X1 front and interior is the old 2015 model lol basic Google searches are all that were required come on guys this is not journalism! Cruise control is an option not a big no as the chart shows. Additionally Audi has reduced the price of the basic model from 6 million to something like 5.25 million. My 12 year old nephew knows more information about these cars than the writer lol!

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