Travel from Lahore to China in just PKR 13,000

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In an interesting turn of events, the government is launching an exclusive bus service from Lahore, Pakistan to Tashkurgan, China from November 3rd, 2018.

According to the details, North-South Transport Network Private Limited will be handling all the operations and is the authorized operator in Pakistan. While speaking with, the spokesperson of the authority said it’s a project under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the initiative has been taken keeping in view the friendship of both the countries.

The 30-hour long trip will start from Lahore and will end in Tashkurgan. The booking has already begun, the one-way trip ticket is PKR 13,000 per passenger whereas return ticket will cost you around PKR 23,000.

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Documents required to make the trip through the bus service are as follow:

  • Valid passport
  • Visa
  • Valid NIC
  • Original Invitation from China
  • Ticket

It is imperative to mention here that 4 departures will take place in a week and one has to book the seat a week earlier to avoid getting into some kind of problem. Moreover, if the person is carrying more than 20kg of weight will have to pay an extra sum.

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