Travel from Lahore to China in just PKR 13,000

In an interesting turn of events, the government is launching an exclusive bus service from Lahore, Pakistan to Tashkurgan, China from November 3rd, 2018.

According to the details, North-South Transport Network Private Limited will be handling all the operations and is the authorized operator in Pakistan. While speaking with, the spokesperson of the authority said it’s a project under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the initiative has been taken keeping in view the friendship of both the countries.

The 30-hour long trip will start from Lahore and will end in Tashkurgan. The booking has already begun, the one-way trip ticket is PKR 13,000 per passenger whereas return ticket will cost you around PKR 23,000.

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Documents required to make the trip through the bus service are as follow:

  • Valid passport
  • Visa
  • Valid NIC
  • Original Invitation from China
  • Ticket

It is imperative to mention here that 4 departures will take place in a week and one has to book the seat a week earlier to avoid getting into some kind of problem. Moreover, if the person is carrying more than 20kg of weight will have to pay an extra sum.

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  1. Is it Tashkurgan or Kashgar? I heard its from Lahore to Tashkurgan

    Kashgar is some 300km from Tashkurgan.

  2. So does it mean babusar top will be opened through out the year now? Or will they be taking the KKH route? Just curious :slight_smile:

  3. Itinerary: Lahore to Tashkurgan
    Departure: From Lahore: 12:00am
    Stopover1: 04:00am – Islamabad/Rawalpindi (pickup)
    Stopover2: 07:00am – Mansehra (breakfast)
    Stopover3: 01:00pm – Besham (lunch)
    Stopover4: 04:00pm – Chelas (tea)
    Stopover5:08:00pm – Gilgit (dinner)
    Stopover6: 02:0am – Sost (custom, immigration & breakfast)
    Stopover7: 12:00pm – Khunjerab Pass, Pakistan side (checking)
    Stopover8: 12:30pm – Khunjerab Pass, China side (checking)
    Arrival: 03:00pm – Tashkugran County (drop-off)
    Itinerary: Tashkurgan to Lahore
    Departure: From Tashkurgan: 11:00am
    Stopover1: 01:00pm – Khunjerab Pass, China side (checking)
    Stopover2: 01:30pm – Khunjerab Pass, Pakistan side (checking)
    Stopover3: 03:00pm – Sost border (custom, immigration & lunch)
    Stopover4: 09:00pm – Gilgit (dinner)
    Stopover5: 01:00am – Chelas (refreshment)
    Stopover6: 06:0am – Besham (breakfast)
    Stopover7: 09:00am – Mansehra (refreshment)
    Stopover8: 12:00pm – Islamabad/Rawalpindi (lunch & drop-off 1)
    Arrival: 07:00pm – Lahore (drop-off 2)
    Rate List
    The service informs passengers to book their seats at least a week before the travel. Here is how much CPEC Passenger Bus Service charges for the comfortable journey between the two countries.

    One way ticket from Lahore to Taskurgan – PKR 13000 per seat.
    One way ticket from Tashkurgan to Lahore – RMB600 (equivalent to PKR 11,475 under current exchange rate).
    Return Ticket – PKR23000
    Travel Documents Required
    So if you are willing to travel to China, be mindful that you can carry a maximum of two pieces of baggage with you that weigh not more than 20kgs or you will be charged for extra luggage. Also, don’t forget keeping the following documents with you.

    Valid Visa
    Original Invitation from China

  4. @tintin1 kindly shed some light for Chinese Visa for tourist.

  5. Arranging Invitation letter from China is real headache.
    Only few PK people have good connections with some Chinese companies and get the invitation letters easily.

    The best way to get Chinese visa as tourist, is, to get 5~10 people together and apply for visa without Invitation letter. Fill the application that you are visiting together as a group and they will give you visa without invitation letter.

    Details are available on their embassy’s website or there are many traveling agents giving such services and charging as less as PKR 2000 only.
    I guess Omer Travel in Islamabad is very professional in arranging such visas.

    The organization who is operating such bus service, should help to get visas too.

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