Car prices likely to surge in coming days

The prices of cars and other products in the country are likely to increase, as the US Dollar has reached an all-time high at PKR 134.Dollar increase

Since the beginning of this year, the local car makers have surged the prices of their vehicles multiple times, citing rupee depreciation as one of the main reasons, which irked the public. And now as the rupee has once again depreciated against the Dollar, there is a high probability that all local automakers will surge the prices of their cars.

It is to be noted here that in the last ten months period the rupee has devalued against the Dollar by almost 26.67%.

While speaking to ET, JS Global Research analyst Ahmed Lakhani, said that one of the local car maker officials told him that they would increase the prices if Dollar gets passed by PKR 130 mark and now it did, so there is a high probability that they will upgrade the prices for sure. Let’s wait and see if the auto manufacturers raise the price or not.

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Aside from car makers, Pakistan’s leading bike manufacturer, Atlas Honda, has already jacked up the prices of its products by up to PKR 4,000.

Moreover, it is important to note here that on 3rd October 2018, the National Assembly passed the amended finance bill allowing non-filers to only purchase vehicles below 200cc engine capacity– meaning the government has banned non-filers to purchase cars of any engine capacity. Due to this issue, as reported by a local media outlet, the booking of cars in the country has been dropped by 30%.

Industry analysts have hinted that low booking of vehicles will impact the car industry and the sales will drop to 168,000 units from 240,000 units by the end of this year.

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  1. The Govt should take measures to control prices of new cars, just like the way they did not let petrol price increase by adjusting duties/levies. Same way, they should lessen duties/levies on Auto Industry so that car prices are not increased as local cars are already highly priced.

    The Government need to do something for the consumers and people also.

  2. opinion_automotive_sector_CCP.pdf (558.2 KB)

    Copy of OPINION by Competition Commissin of Pakistan is attached herewith.

    CIRCULATE IT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and also write to CCP for action on this circular.

  3. I had already shared the summary, as well as link to the main report, in the main blog 05 days ago:

    Secondly, this opinion has been issued by CCP, so there may not be any action to be taken by CCP in this regard.

    CCP has sent its suggestions to GoP. It is our Govt. and its relevant / concerned departments, who need to take necessary actions on this report accordingly.

  4. #اگر گاڑیاں مہنگی ہو گئی ہیں تو ہیلی کاپٹر خریدو۔


    Change is finally here!

    U.S Dollar has skyrocketed, government vacancies have been put to a halt, petrol prices are soaring and automobiles, motorcycles and electronics are getting ridiculously expensive.

    And after all this; I shudder to think what's next!

    The return of load-shading? Monopoly? Flour/sugar shortage? Something new?

    #We are such fools.

    Fools for falling for old, tried and tested deceitful political tactics and propaganda. Fools for electing someone whose sole accomplishment lies in sports, not politics!

    اب جب تبدیلی آ ہی گئی ہے تو رُونا کیسا؟

    We got what we asked for, right?!!


  5. Even though I don't discuss politics here, but do you really and honestly think all this is outcome of 01-02 month's government? If you answer is YES, kindly laugh out loudly on your answer :)

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