Change of vehicle ownership made easier in Punjab

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With the establishment of more than 1800 E-convenience centers of NADRA, the daunting task of changing vehicle ownership while purchasing or selling a vehicle has become a simple process for the general public in Punjab.

Previously, the vehicle owners in the province of Punjab had to rely on excise offices to change the vehicle ownership while purchasing or selling a vehicle. The government has facilitated the citizens by establishing more than 1800 e-convenience centers of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) in the province.

According to the officials, this system has finally come to its completion after two years, and it has been jointly developed by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and NADRA. The system only requires the provision of biometric scanners and finalization of fee structure now. In this regard, the Punjab excise minister Hafiz Mumtaz had also directed the senior officials of the department to hold a meeting with the officials of PITB and NADRA, but unfortunately, it has not been arranged so far. He also expressed disappointment in the attitude of the concerned officials towards making the system operational.

To make the system ready for the e-convenience centers, the excise department has also given complete access to its vehicle ownership data to NADRA. The new system is an exciting prospect as the buyer, or a seller can go to any NADRA e-convenience center to change the ownership of the vehicle by paying the defined fee. The process of change of vehicle ownership is as follows:

  • Once a seller applies for the change of vehicle ownership, NADRA retrieves data of the respective vehicle from the ownership data of the excise department.
  • After fetching the details of the vehicle, it’s then updated with the buyer’s name, CNIC number, and contact number.
  • Upon updating the credentials of the buyer, both the seller and buyer of the vehicle will receive a confirmation SMS to proceed.
  • The text message sent to the buyer will also have the details of the due payment for the change of vehicle ownership.
  • On paying the due fee, the new owner will receive the smart registration card of the vehicle at their mentioned address within a few days.

It’s worthy to mention here that in case of failing to pay the due amount within 30 days, the whole process will have to be initiated from the beginning. To further facilitate those involved in the change of vehicle ownership, it’s also not mandatory for both parties to be present at the NADRA’s e-convenience center at the same time. Instead, both the seller and the buyer can separately complete the process by visiting any biometric authentication facility. The new system will be implemented across the province, and to finalize arrangements, the excise department will also be issued with as many as 250 biometric scanners by NADRA. Out of these, 50 biometric scanners will be used in the excise offices based in Lahore, whereas the rest of them will be used in the excise offices located in other districts of Punjab. Furthermore, a final meeting will be soon held between the top officials of the  Excise department, PITB, and NADRA to finalize the arrangements for the implementation of the new system. The Minister for excise has also issued directives to complete the job with immediate effect.

The new system will facilitate the general public to a great extent and reduce the long queues outside the excise offices by distributing them to various e-convenience centers of NADRA. Let’s hope the system kicks off successfully and achieves the mission of the government. What are your thoughts on the new vehicle ownership system? Let us know with your feedback and stay connected with PakWheels for more automobile-related news.

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    ik Govt bst !!!!

  2. Muhammad Aamer says

    Bhai g ye do saal purana project hai jo aap ka ik abhi tak latkae khara hai. your nalaiq ik.

  3. Muhammad Zarar says

    i have a question,
    how vehicle registration can be changed from one dist. to another dist. in Punjab, suggest please.

  4. Shakir Iqbal says

    😉 apko b kuch hisa mil raha tha is project ko delay karnay main? Apkay jin doston ne 2 saal pehlay project launch kiya tha wo isko sirf paper work main rakh k is ka budget apkay sath mil kar kha rahe thay.

  5. Shakir Iqbal says

    Apkay mulk ki history main aisa kabi nahi hua k previous govt k launch kiye huay projects next govt appreciate karay. Ik is doing everything possible that’s for the country and for the people. May Allah bring light to ignorant and defeat the state enemy.

  6. Chaudhry Waheed Bhutta says

    It is a right and prudent step in the positive direction with regard to change the ownership of the registered vehicle. I am of the view that it should be more easy and simple. I am UK resident since 1972 and as times pass and new technology emerges the DVLA…driver and vehicle registration authority ( UK ) makes the process very easy by way of internet. I am a used car trader and find that DVLA process very easy and convenient and safe both for buyer and seller. Seller should have Registration document ( on front 11 digit ) reference number. Simple go online to DVLA website. Follow simple instructions click on relevant boxes and ownership is changed within 2 seconds. Now we in Pakistan live in digital era and why can`t we act similar to UK procedure. ??? Only our BABU OFFICERS prevent such ease and comfort for the commoners. The new process of changing vehicle ownership is still time and jargon full at Nadra Centres.

  7. CH Waheed bhutta says

    So far so good and sensible in Punjab at least . But should simple process same as UK. Where no vehicle without road tax ( token )..MOT ( road safety test certificate) 3rd party car vehicle can come on the road. There are CCTV ( ANPR ) automatic number plate reader cameras are on every mile or so and ANPR system immediate notify/alert the local police as any car has no insurance-MOT test certificate etc. If police have time they stop the driver and if no insurance the vehicle is confiscated and sold in car auction or crushed for recycled metal further owner is to pay for all the processing costs. This way the crime is down so much and Govt receives increased taxes.

  8. Ch Waheed Bhutta says

    I share your views. The ownership changing process must be simple and hassle free of all. There should be a separate desk for this purpose in any Nadra Office so as to reduce the long queues and to prevent the delay and bribe opportunity for Nadra employees. This is most important for our society…………stand up for your basic citizen`s rights to ease our life. We want to stand among the well developed nations of the world……..not as RIATAR-E-MADINA…….what a practical joke by Mr Nyazi.

  9. Muhammad says

    Good suggestion, in UAE it’s very easy and simple . The best thing in UAE is that, new owner can register a car in any state, i-e, if the car is registered in Dubai and new owner want it to register in AbuDhabi, he simply get a transfer letter and do it easily . Here vehicles once registered can’t be transferred to other province.

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