Check Out The Speedometers Of Eleven 125CC Motorcycles In Pakistan

New motorcycles are coming to Pakistani market day by day. This is very encouraging for not only the buyers, but also for the auto industry as a whole. Yamaha is the latest entrant in the 125cc motorcycle market of Pakistan, and launched their stunning looking Yamaha YBR 125, at the start of this year. Only a few weeks ago, Yamaha launched the off road version of their 125cc motorcycle. There are already plenty of locally manufactured 125cc bikes like Hero, Unique bikes and Metro bikes etc. Also Ravi has not extended its contract with Piaggio, but from now on, they will be working with Road Prince.

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We have collected and made a small gallery of speedometers of as many 125cc motorcycle in Pakistan as we could. There are a couple that are missing, but the issue is the availability of the suitable photos. And speedometers of bikes like Honda 125 only repeat themselves with slight changes in the graphics. Regardless of the limitation of the available material, we hope you will enjoy the photos.

Click through the gallery for 11 speedometers that we found:


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  • Smokingaces

    Nothing can ever beat the ever-so-brilliant Kawasaki GTO 125.

  • Muhammad Kamran Arain

    Hero Prince, Yamaha and Off course GTO125 are the best looking. Honda’s are pathetic considering they are Honda, not some chinese manufacturer.

  • aliqadri

    GTO 125 rocks!

  • Javi Sohawa

    Kawasaki GTO best bike in 125cc series bike.

  • Stephanie

    No GS150? :/