With all its magnificence, Cholistan Jeep Rally 2018 has come to an end

The much-awaited Cholistan Jeep Rally 2018 has come to an end and once again we have Mir Nadir Magsi who has won in the Prepared Category for the second time. Winning the Championship title for the second time, Mir Nadir Magsi took 4 hours 32 minutes and 9 seconds to complete the track.

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The second on the list was Sahibzada Sultan who completed the track in 4 hours 37 minutes and 36 seconds, followed by Jaffar Magsi who took 4 hours 39 minutes and 21 seconds to win the third position.

Moreover, in Stock Category female Tushna Patel, the wife of the famous driver Roni Patel was on the first position by completing the track in 2 hours and 41 minutes, followed by Asma – the second on the list and Momal Khan – the third on the list.

Below are the Final Results of Cholistan Jeep Rally 2018:

Prepared Category A

  1. Nadir Magsi(04:32:09)
  2. Sahibzada Sultan (04:37:36)
  3. Jaffar Magsi (04:39:21)

Prepared Category B

  1. Faisal Shadi Khel (05:01:08)
  2. Owais Khakwani (05:13:55)
  3. Asad Shadi Khel (05:23:06)

Prepared Category C

  1. Mian Rafiq Ahmed (05:07:43)
  2. Gohar Sangi (05:21:07)
  3. Amir Anwar (05:36:16)

Prepared Category D

  1. Zafar Khan Baloch (05:15:03)
  2. Shaheen Iqbal (05:30:46)
  3. Falak Sher (05:57:39)

In stock categories, the winners according to their respective categories are as follows,

Stock Category A

  1. Maqsood Alam (2:39:52.29)
  2. Nousherwan Tiwana (2:40:51.82)
  3. Noor Nabi (2:46:27.39)

Stock Category B

  1. Muhammad Zareen Magsi (2:39:52.83)
  2. Mian Shabbir Ahmad (2:45:22.31)
  3. Sajjad Qureshi (2:58:05.83)

Stock Category C

  1. Syed Mobeen Ahmad (3:00:04.51)
  2. Muhammad Hassaan Jhandir (3:04:49.01)
  3. Haris Khan (3:05:31.19)

Stock Category D

  1. Adeeb Khan (3:21:55.42)
  2. Ghulam Farid Maharvi (3:23:28.08)
  3. Mujahid Bashir Joiya (3:32:49.21)

Organized by Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP), the Cholistan Jeep Rally was a grand affair that lasted from February 15th to February 18th, 2018, covering three districts of Punjab – Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur and Bahawalnagar.

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