Computerized CNG Tuning For Carburetor Cars: Is It Worth It?

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Pakistan has a very large number of vehicles running on CNG. Now, we want CNG but we don’t want to compromise on the performance and obviously on mileage too. The heating value of CNG is less than that of gasoline but all other factors included, you do compromise your performance a bit but the change should not be a drastic one. The point is to get maximum power output when the fuel burns, in other words, making it efficient.

Efficiency is obtained when you get maximum power from the burning of fuel inside your engine’s cylinder. For that, you need to have a perfect ratio of fuel and air or else the mixture will be either too lean (less fuel more air) or rich (more fuel less air). Rich mixture has unburned fuel which you are literally wasting out of your silencer. A very lean mixture causes knocking and knocking is equivalent to hammering your valves and pistons as explained by some automotive engineers. So you don’t want unburned fuel and you don’t want knock. What you need is a perfect balance in between. This is where the computerized CNG tuning steps in. The device that is used for this is simply called exhaust gas analyzer. You can use them for petrol as well as for CNG settings of your car, as long as you can manually adjust the level of the fuel.

Normally people take their cars to the nearest ustaad to do all the CNG work and stuff. Some of them are pretty good at it. However, computerized CNG tuning is a more advanced, reliable and more accurate way of tuning. The mechanic connects an emulator (that’s what he called it), that has four wires, to battery terminals, to the spark plug and to the distributor cap. In EFI and distributor-less cars, the tuning is performed by laptop. The engine is kept running until it achieves optimum operating temperature. A probe is then entered into the silencer of the car to measure the levels of burnt and unburnt gases coming out of the engine. The computer shows if the fuel is being burnt efficiently by measuring levels of oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. The guy then sets the air-fuel ratio, the ignition timing and everything else to give you the perfect conditions to run your car which is good for you and your engine.


The analysis report could look something like this:


The device could be a portable and handheld or a full fledged PC operated equipment.


The concept is not majorly accepted by many Pakistanis so reviews about computerized CNG tuning are minimum. In theory, this is the better way to get your cars tuned on CNG. However, if anyone had their cars tuned via computers, please share your experiences in the comments section.

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  1. M Juned Faruk says

    I have personal experience and believe me it improves performance as well as economy.
    I really like it.
    On my Coure 2005 I am taking
    15-16 km/l within city and
    24-25 on Highway with mild AC
    with light foot.

  2. Ehtesham ul haq says

    anything same about petrol carby cars?

  3. umair says

    contect nmbr nh dia

  4. Ahmad Nadeem says

    as there is little or i would say no trend of computrized tuning and the computrized tuning professionals are also very scarce. cn you suggest some tuning centers in major cities especially lahore

  5. Osama Muhammad says

    From where u done it?

  6. M Juned Faruk says

    It is PSO pump adjacent to melody (near ABPARA) Islamabad
    Can provide you contact number as well if you need !!!

  7. Muhammad Aibad says

    any tuning centres in lahore?

  8. Adnan says

    any tuning centers in Karachi..!!!! or tuning centers in major cities all over pakistan???

    i have done once with my CIVIC… n the performance was great.. n now days i have Khyber. which it not tuned well by local mechanics.. please let us know a good computerized tuning centers in Karachi

  9. adnan jalil says

    this works great on CNG cars , i get my city IDSI comupter tune after 6-7 months . ABID CNG tune up center in model town kotha pind flats lahore

  10. Abdul Hannan says

    ENERCON is best place to do it if u know how to tune ur car coz their technicians dnt have much knowledge……for efi cars scanner tool is best option

  11. Nabeel Siddiqui says

    i also have cuore and i am from lahore so tell me about that shop i need that work for my car too

  12. Wasf Wasif says

    Can it be done for petrol carburetor engine? I have manual Cuore & I have removed cng

  13. M Juned Faruk says


  14. Ehsan Elahi says

    Please give me the contact No of that car tune master which u mentioned above “diahatsu coure 2005

  15. M Juned Faruk says

    Zahid: 03335454373

  16. Ehsan Elahi says

    Thanks M Juned Faruk for giving me contact number. But can he done full service of carburetor, and now I have owned Mehran 2002 model only on petrol

  17. Ehsan Elahi says

    Problems that I am facing: bad fuel economy, too much vibration when fan or headlights are on, even on parking lights, when I am driving in first gear it take much heavy foot to take pick with too much vibration, may be spark plugs problem. In short no smoothness.

  18. farjad tahir says

    how much this tool costs? any information you can give me.

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