Confirmed: Honda Atlas Isn’t Launching the New City in 2017

Yesterday I was reading an article by my fellow blogger and was quite glad to see that 2017 will be a really exciting year in terms of the local automobile sector. The excitement is also an indication that the all-time dull and boring automotive segment is now flourishing and more and more options are now being made available to the customers. A few weeks back, PakWheels extensively covered the launch of the All New Suzuki Vitara which means that the PakWheels team is all geared up to cover and share any news related to upcoming automobiles. While Audi Q2, SsangYong Tivoli and Nissan Datsun GO are something on forecast, the reveal of Ciaz sedan as well as Suzuki Celerio is something we are predicting for this year.

Now let’s have some icing on the cake. We had never expected that a newer model will be coming from Honda Atlas and that too this soon. Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited social media page has been teasing some images for the last few days. First, the page asked its fans “Are You Ready?” and then yesterday asked if they are dreaming. Well to be honest, it seems like a dream but a true one. A lot of discussion is in progress on the social media about this dream and how to get ready for it.




However, PW sources have confirmed that Honda Atlas hasn’t planned anything on introducing the 6th Generation Honda City during 2017, which means we are down to two (possible) options.

  1. The Launch of Honda Civic Type-R
  2. The Launch of Honda BRV

Many people are predicting arrival of Civic Hatchback, but its little tricky to have a hatchback. Civic hatchback is exclusively produced in Swindon UK and then exported; even to US, where there are already multiple Honda plants assembling company products. Honda will only manufacture hatchback in the UK and then export it to other consumer markets. Assembly of hatchback anywhere else is not planned. Even in Japan, the hatchback will arrive from UK. Honda spent 300 million Euros on UK plant to save jobs and keep Honda alive in Europe, that’s why Honda kept Hatchback production limited only to UK plant. So the launch of a hatchback has very slim chances, being imported and sold by Honda Atlas in Pakistan.


If we Compare the profile of headlight in the teased image and the actual picture, it reveals some similarities. PakWheels reported in the past that Honda BR-V Would Have Been A Better Option Than HR-V In Pakistan and I think Honda Pakistan has realized it very well after the launch of Suzuki Vitara and the response it got from the customers. Honda Pakistan has been missing something in this segment and BR-V can be the real option. It all depends on how Honda Pakistan prices it for the customers if in case BR-V is the upcoming product. Anything past 3.0 to 3.2 million can become problematic for Honda Pakistan because, then it will become the same case as Honda HRV and customers would opt for a self-import Honda Vezel, which is well-equipped, has better fuel economy as being a Hybrid and already has a strong ground in the market.

In International market, BR-V stands below HR-V/Vezel as far as the line-up is concerned so we can predict a price point below HR-V. BR-V is for sale in ASEAN countries as well as in India for more than a year. From the current ongoing operation, Honda Pakistan is not yet ready for the local assembly of the BR-V. We believe that anything new other than any current line from Honda Atlas will be in the form of an import and if BR-V is coming as CBU (completely built unit) it might be coming in from Thailand or Indonesia. Although BR-V is also being assembled in India, an import from there is not a possibility.

So what do you think is Honda about to launch? Is this a Honda BR-V or the Civic hatchback or something else?


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Fazal Wahab

I am Civil Engineer by Profession and have love for High Rise Towers, Underground construction and Carbon Fiber Composites, automobiles is my first love. Its my passion to know and share about anything new in automobile industry.

  • Waqar


  • Sanjay Natarajan
  • Atif Khan

    its brv.. the shiny lamp strip 🙂

  • Ghufran

    Wow for not updating city

  • BR-V makes sense and if priced rightly it would be a hot sell due to form factor and seating capacity as family and guests can be accommodated conveniently on board.

    I do not think it will be any other Civic variant like Hatchback or Type R. City is doing well and I do not see it going away soon, may be last half or quarter of this year.

  • LovePakistan

    What else can you expect from dakooz. Nawaz Sharif & Ishaq Dollar has given these idiottts blank-check to do whatever the F they want to with 20 crore awaaam.

    Another broken promise of noon, will not vote for them again.

  • Hussain

    Heavy Taxes and Extortion received by Government and GANJAZ results in low quality and zero safety Cars at Multiplied rates

  • Salman Ahmed

    Ishaq dollar hahahha.this made me laugh good one

  • Salman Ahmed

    Yep .fu** them .i will buy Honda grace instead

  • abdullah

    what would be the approx price of base model of BR-V in Pakistan? and what would be the cost of the CVT version?

  • Waleed Ahmed

    Well In Delhi, India the base prices are:

    City : INR. 831,900 (PKR 1283780.12)
    BR-V: INR. 899,350 (PKR 1387868.31)

    Price Difference: PKR 104088

    Means both the cars have a an almost difference of “1 Lac PKR”

    Well as it’s highly expected better to say obvious that firstly it’ll come as a CBU & the Price can’t be like that difference in India, But we hope so Altas also have plans of bringing it down to such level that the price becomes reasonable when it’ll locally assembled like City, & I don’t think so that customers would mind paying that difference for a Crossover.


    If the Atlas’s Plan is to end the City to diminish this Price category vehicle all along, then, It would be “Quite Cruel” of them to snatch the Right to have a affordable HONDA Sedan the people can have in this price category, & As we all know that how much people love to buy a HONDA sedan here & It’s the Starting choice of every Pakistani he/she could’ve for a Luxury Sedan.

    I Reallllly hope so My first supposition would be true that May be at last they’ve thought of something good not the second one.

  • fed up


  • traxmaker

    This looks like the BR V for sure. It will obviously be imported and not produced locally at this stage. Keeping in view how the Big Three have suddenly started importing CBUs and floating the same on the market at exorbitant prices….this will also be priced out of reach of the common man.

    Okay so Toyota launched the Revo and Fortuner (local but with old engine)), but priced it silly. Suzuki introduced Vitara and soon Ciaz….and pricing is pathetic….so Honda must have decided to introduce BRV and will price it likewise….although HRV pricing should have been a lesson.

    I have a strong feeling that these models are being introduced not to attract a lot of customers but to get some sort of favors from the Government (aka Auto Policy). Why would a business introduce vehicles priced so high that only a small part of the population can afford them? Why should Fit or Vitz or better versions of Swift not be introduced? Why should fuel economic cars not be introduced?…..this is just my input. Sorry to sound so pessimistic but I don’t think BRV will be priced for the common man either.

  • fed up

    could you please explain what sort of favor these greedy co. looking?

  • Traxmaker

    I am assuming tax breaks etc…based on the new auto policy…

  • fed up


  • Traxmaker

    “The new policy has allowed one-off duty-free import of plant and machinery for setting up an assembly and manufacturing facility. It has also permitted import of 100 vehicles of the same variants in the form of completely built units (CBUs) at 50% of the prevailing duty for test marketing after the ground breaking of the project.

    A major incentive for the new investors is the reduced 10% customs duty on non-localised parts for five years against the prevailing 32.5%. For existing investors, the duty will be slashed by 2.5% to 30% from the new fiscal year 2016-17.”

    Paksuzuki has been pushing the govt to give the same incentives to existing car makers….

    If the govt gives in…you see BRV and other such models being launched along with vitaras and Ciaz

    …so you can see where thus could be going

  • fed up

    Yes, you are right. Napak suzuki should not get any favor but a powerful kick on their A**.

  • Saqib Raza

    Its BR-V and will be priced between City and Civic. And how can you say that Honda Atlas is not ready for local assembly? Bhai development work on locally produced parts is in progress for the last one year.

  • Waleed Ahmed

    Dude, they aren’t crazy to introduce Fit or Vitz, Cause they know the people are, Who would Buy a Civic even if it’s of 3million! :/ This dilemma is supported by both of the parties.

    & they’re certainly not getting more Profits from cars like Vitz, Fit or Brio, these are just Cruel Corporate Giants who Just care about profit$$$ & Nothing elseee!!!