DIY – Using The Tyre Repair Kit To Fix A Tyre Puncture

tyre repair kit

Most of the used imported car owners across Pakistan already know about the puncture repair kit their cars usually come with. You don’t get the conventional spare tyre in the boot of the car anymore. You might remember when Honda Atlas launched the Honda HRV, one thing they repeatedly talked about was the importance of a spare tyre. The HR-V comes with a spare tyre, unlike its Japanese cousin Honda Vezel. You get a big battery pack in Vezel in the space where you would usually find a spare tyre. Other than Vezel, you get the tyre repair kit in cars like Toyota Aqua, Toyota Prius, and Daihatsu Mira to name a few.

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The tyre repair kit in your imported car comes with a bottle of sealant to fix the puncture, and an air compressor to reinflate the punctured tyre after you have repaired it. It is fairly simple to fix the tyre puncture, and the fix gives you around 100 km to get to a proper tyre shop.

So you have detected a leak in one of the tyres. There are a few things you need to keep in mind. If you detect there is a nail wedged inside the rubber of the tyre that is causing the air to leak, do not remove the nail. Also, only the kit on small punctures. You will only be wasting the sealant and your energy fixing a gash or a big hole. Refrain from using the kit if your wheels are damaged. Now there are a couple of types of repair kits that come with the cars. One is where you inject the sealant into the tyre with the air compressor. Second is where you get sealant in a bottle with a nozzle, and you pour the liquid inside the deflated tyre, and then will it up with air.


Let’s start with the first one. Screw in the rubber pipe into the air nozzle of the deflated tyre. Remove the cap from the other end of the sealant bottle, and screw in the air compressor pipe into it. Make sure both the pipes are properly tightened. Plug the power cable of your compressor into the nearest power outlet in your car. Usually, it’s the cigarette lighter socket, but Honda Vezel comes with a power outlet in the boot as well. And turn the compressor on. It should take you around 10 minutes for the tyre to be inflated enough for a journey. Unplug everything, place the compressor and the sealant in the boot of your car. But first, drive the car for 3-4 kilometres carefully to make sure all the sealant has spread in the tyre, covering the puncture hole. Stop after a few kilometres to examine the tyre. If everything looks okay, inflate the tyre to proper air pressure level, and you are good to go for 100 kilometres at least. But make sure you don’t exceed the 80 km/h speed limit. Find the nearest tyre shop and get the puncture fixed.

But if you have a kit like this, where all you get is a long nozzle with your sealant, you first need to unscrew the air valve inside the tyre nozzle. Unscrew the valve with the tool provided with the kit, pour in the sealant, screw the air valve back in, and reinflate the tyre to recommended pressure. Make sure you have used all the sealant. Now all you need to do is follow the same safety instructions that are mentioned above. By the way, the sealant has an expiry date. So that keep in mind before you try to save it for some reason.

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    Once you run out of sealant, what to do?
    Where to get?

  • Better idea – get a spare tyre. Those dinky little size 10 tyres won’t take up much space in the boot area and you won’t have to worry about sealants and valves and compressors.

    A little manual labour never hurt nobody 😛

  • Guest again

    “Mending a puncture”.

    It was chapter in English textbook grade 6 or grade 7.

  • Buy new car 😉

  • Yet it looks so simple can be tricky for many normal people… Q: Pour the whole bottle in the tyre for one puncture?

  • Aasif Maqsood

    how can i avail this in lahore?