Dolphin Force Will Be Launched In Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad And Gujranwala As Well

The Government of Punjab launched a special police force, the Dolphin Force in the city of Lahore last month. The police squad is inspired by the Turkish patrolling police squads of the same nature. It is a rapid response team that rides on bikes. The new police force is tasked to counter and control the street crime in bigger cities. The Turkish police assisted the Government of Punjab to come up with a structure of the force and then the subsequent launch.

The teams are provided by latest Honda CB500X motorcycles, and the police officers are fully trained and armed with the latest equipment. Now the police department has started to work on a feasibility to launch the Dolphin force in other cities as well. The Punjab Police Department is looking to launch the force in Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad and Gujranwala. Senior police officers have met and discussed the recruitment, training, and deployment policy to develop the Dolphin Squad for the big cities. SP Dolphin Force Syed Karrar Hussain and Lahore DIG (Operations) Dr. Haider Ashraf briefed the police chief about the policy to recruit and train the Dolphin Force.

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Around seven hundred cadets have passed out of the Lahore police training college to join the first-ever squad of Dolphin force.

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LCIP, a Facebook page posted photos of a totaled Dolphin Squad Honda bike. You can call it the first causality. The bike is worth around PKR 1.2 million. The rapid response police force is indeed a good idea but the force is going to cost taxpayers a lot of money. So lets hope it’s worth the cost.

dolphin squad honda motorcycle accident (3)

Dolphin Police a modern wing…..

Posted by Lahore Police Official on Tuesday, 19 April 2016


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  • Kashif Akbar

    There is no doubt about the effectiveness and success of this force in controlling street crime. should be launched in other cities and totally agree and appreciate the concept development by Govt.of Punjab. my question is what is effectiveness of 1.2 Million rupees bike in this project. A 150cc Suzuki Bike (local Made) can serve the purpose equally but will not put burden on treasure. street patrolling force with a bike of ability to patrol on Formula-1 racing tracking is the result of showbazi only. Come on Shahbaz sharif, you always wrap your good work and good plans into a foolish kind of aluminum foil.

  • Waleed Ahmed

    Bhai Jee Is mein Atlas walo ki Most Probably is me Comission or Phir Showbda Baazi tu yehi kr skti hai, Bichari SUZUKI 150cc tu har aik k pass hoti hai!

    Wo Showbaaz he Kya Jo Showbda Baazi Na karay!

  • Waleed Ahmed

    Today a Neighbor of Mine has died, his relatives had gone to Private hospital’s emergency but they were unable to get the best services what a well developed Government hospital could have gave them, But SADLY our tax Money is spent on these kind of Showbda Bazian :'( They could have further developed the Blue Police(don’t know their exact name) But why would they? Because it was idea of one of Rival ex-Govt. .
    These steps are highly highly APPRECIABLE if all other sectors like Health, Education, Labor Rights(1st May) of the Govt’ & People services are Well Developed, When you’ll improve these their would be a Decline in Crimes & these kind of forces wouldn’t be needed any more.
    But why would they be ready to give their commissions & their Show off tactics???

  • Kashif Akbar

    Actually the issue is, N-league works to make Pakistan as a derived from Turkey, China, USA, Germany , UK and many more. We have a hybrid scene which is in-complete for the basic criteria of any of the role model, but overall we have so much. Orange train will run, Dolphin will run, Danish School will continue to open but they can not correctly remodel the existing govt. schools. we could not refresh AIOU so we went up to make Virtual University. We can not modernize Traffic Police, but we make Dolphins.

  • Waleed Ahmed

    Yes!! As for me,These are great & lovely things, Because My needs are fulfilled & I am living a Great life, Alhumdulillah, Only a certain class can enjoy them, I Love to drive on Smooth roads of Lahore, But when I see the sufferers who could’ve been benefited from the Funds, like once I have gone to Jinnah Hospital once, their are many competent Doctors & professors their, almost 95% patients as per my seeing their are those who can rely only on Govt. Aid, but sadly equipment their is outdated, & that’s the story of other Govt. hospitals also, Their are Soo many people who’ll sleep on empty stomach tonight & the day after….. A Longggg list of Basic Problems, The Refreshing & Rebooting of the current depts is difficult but not impossible & may be it would be a quick way to give benefits to the Lower level of society ASAP, All projects I see of them are just Glitter Glitter & Glitter with their Names on it Sadly.

  • Guest

    Some other commentors also discussed that we have a national hobby of avoiding reform and introducing new things. I wholeheartedly agree. Muhafiz force, ANF, ATF, ASF, now a special force to control the street crime.

    Crime in Pakistan is not some small opportunity crime. It is powerful transnational crime controlled from across the borders, providing ample opportunities for any divergent youth falling into their traps to start from small stealing and progress to the ultimate goal: multinational crime, offering protection in many countries of the world, along with the associated perks such as international travel, assignments, deputations, periods or rest and re-learning.

    Again and again, we have been focusing on superficial displays.

    What would happen after Dolphin force catches some criminals? What would they do with the criminals to make them stop their criminal habits? There has been no focus on improving the justice system or the correctional facilities.
    Ultimately Dolphin force will also learn that they are hapless against the criminals, because the criminals caught and handed over to the justice and correction system will turn out to be even hardier, even tougher, even more merciless and even more ruthless – there is a reason why policemen like extra-judicial killings so much. It is their ultimate resort, without extra-judicial killings, the families of the policemen are not safe at the hands of the criminals who have been hardened further.

  • Adnan Niazi

    Khanay ko roti nahi … ghar mein LED TV le aayo