EDB To Make Automobile Quality Testing Centers In Various Cities of Pakistan

The foreign investors are wary of Pakistani auto policy and the leeway it gives to the used car importers. Engineering Development Board (EDB) Chief Executive Officer Tariq Ejaz Chaudhry was talking to the media last week. European carmakers like Volkswagen, Fiat and Renault were very much interested in setting up their shop here in Pakistan only last year. And they lobbied hard to make the new auto policy slightly in the favor of new investors. But most of these companies fear the relaxations that have been given to third party auto importers. In FY2015-16 a record number of cars were imported in Pakistan.

CEO Tariq Ejaz Chaudhry also expressed his displeasure towards the existing automakers and their lack of interest in bringing new models and improving the current state of affairs.

CEO also revealed that EDB also wants to set up quality testing centers in major cities of the country where various locally assembled/produced automobiles will be tested for quality control. The decision was taken at a meeting held in Federation House in Karachi where members of EDB and representatives of the automobile industry attended the event. These centers will be established with the help of Japanese automakers who are already operating in Pakistan. The purpose of the centers will be to protect consumer rights.

EDB CEO Tariq Ejaz Chaudhry at the inauguration of Pakistan Auto Show 2016 at the Expo Centre in Lahore

EDB CEO Tariq Ejaz Chaudhry at the inauguration of Pakistan Auto Show 2016 at the Expo Centre in Lahore

  • Sultan Kiani

    It means if by any chance, a EU automaker enter in Pakistan, its car would be declared UNFIT but all Suzuki Mehrans would be getting A+ * * * * * 5 star certificate.

  • Guest

    Automobiles would be tested for quality control, but against which standards? Have we adopted/created any national quality standards?
    What if the cars do not fulfil the quality criteria?
    At whose cost would the testing be done?

  • Awais Yousaf

    ahaha yeah man. Exactly

  • M Salman Tariq

    Japanese Automakes Protecting Consumer rights?
    Thats a good one.