Enjoy 11.11 MEGA SALE on PakWheels Products

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PakWheels has brought the 11.11 mega sale for its consumers so that they can get high-quality products at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, we will provide you these products on your doorsteps. These items will help you in the car maintenance, cleanliness, comfort and in time of emergency.

Also, these products are easy to carry and easier to use. You can use them by following simple steps. Hence, making your life very comfortable as a car owner. The PakWheels products have always proved their quality, and our satisfied customers are proof of it.

So, without any further delay, let us share the detail of the products, on which you can enjoy discount up to 70%.

SCHOLL Concepts Ice Glass & Water spot Cleaner Gel 500ml – 11002:

SCHOLL Concepts Ice Glass & Water spot Cleaner Gel is a dedicated glass cleaner with new innovative technology. Its gel-like formula makes it cleaner and less prone to dripping while removing any stubborn grime or water spot. The cleaner also creates a ‘lotus effect’ which doesn’t allow water, dirt or dust to stay on the surface, making your glass cleaner for a longer time.

The original price of this product is Rs3,300, however, after 70% discount, you can buy it in only Rs999.

glass cleaner

Universal Car Inflatable Mattress Bed – Black

The Universal Car Inflatable Mattress Bed  is a great product, especially if you are travelling with your family, or you like to travel on long routes. This inflatable mattress bed will give you a proper place to rest, sleep or nap on the backseat of your car. The use of this product is very easy, as you connect it in 12V cigarette lighter socket, spread it on the seat and simple inflate it.

PakWheels is offering a 27% discount on this mattress bed, and now you can buy it in only Rs3,999, against its original rate of Rs5,499.


11.11 Mega Sale and Pain Relieve Gel Foam Seat Cushion

This Pain Relieve Gel Foam Seat cushion is a great comforter for you as a driver. The natural cooling gel absorbs heat from your body and replaces it with a cooling sensation. The special design and adjustable strap on the back for the car seat and office chair is to maintain the perfect sitting position.

After a 52% discount by PakWheels, you can buy this product only in Rs2,650, compared to its original price of Rs5,500.


Karcher K2 Pressure Washer

This Karcher K2 Pressure Washer is a excellent product to clean your car at home. If you don’t have time to go to a service station for car wash, this product will help you in cleaning your vehicle very conveniently at your place. The Made in Germany washer runs on 220 Voltage, with pressure-bar of 110/max 11.

The original price of this washer is Rs20,000, but after 28% off, you can buy it in only Rs14,500.


11.11 Mega Sale and  Sogo Portable Car Heater: 

The winter is coming, and you need a warm and cosy atmosphere inside your car. To provide you with a comfortable atmosphere, PakWheels has brought Sogo Portable Car Heater. You can connect it to 12V cigarette lighter socket and switch it on. Within minutes, you will feel the difference.

Furthermore, you can also use this portable heater to increase the throw of your car’s heater.

After a 50% discount, you can buy it in only Rs1,750, compared to its original price Rs3,500.


SOGO High Power Jump Starter Power Bank Station: 

The Sogo High Jump Start Power Bank Station is maybe the most helpful as it will assist you in jumpstarting your car with a low or dead battery. You can use it anytime and anywhere by simply connecting its wires to the battery. However, it is pertinent to mention that this item is only useful for engines under 5L 12V gasoline car.

Furthermore, the bank station has an emergency hammer to break the car window in the time of need, small knife to cut seatbelt in emergency and USB port.

After a major discount of 43%, you can buy this great product in only Rs3,999, against its previous rate of Rs6,999.


You can also buy hundreds of other car and bike-related products from our Auto Store.  

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