Everything we know about the upcoming Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan so far

Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan (1)

Many of you already know that Yamaha Motor Company is finally going to start its manufacturing facility in Karachi after facing many hurdles created by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) and Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM). Previously, Dawood Group and Yamaha Motor Company was manufacturing and selling Yamaha bikes in Pakistan with the name of Dawood Yamaha Limited (DYL) but now Yamaha Motor Company will be solely operating the business in the country.

Yamaha YBR 125 in CBU Form

Yamaha YBR 125 in CBU Form

Yamaha had plans to launch its first bike in September this year but it got delayed due to unknown reasons, and now it is being said that Yamaha is going to introduce its first bike after the first quarter of next year, probably in the month of May. The bike will initially be imported as a CBU and later on will be localized just just like Pak Suzuki did with the Suzuki GS150.

The first that Yamaha will launch in Pakistan is Yamaha YBR 125. The bike will be powered by a single-cylinder four-stroke 125cc engine with a 5-speed gearbox. The bike will be available in 3 different variants. The top of the line model will feature all accessories like sports exhaust, disk brakes, headlight cowling, self-starter ignition and allow wheels with an estimated price tag of Rs. 150,000, while the base model will have a simple exhaust, drum brakes, simple headlight without cowling, kick-starter and spoke steel wheels and is expected to cost somewhere above the Rs. 100,000 mark. The mid-range model will have some accessories from the top of the line model on the base model and is expected to cost somewhere between Rs. 100,000 and 150,000.

Photos of the 3 variants of Yamaha YBR 125

Photos of the 3 variants of Yamaha YBR 125

According to some dealers, who have started booking these bikes, Yamaha is handing out dealerships and training mechanics for after sales and service of the bikes. One of the dealers also mentioned that the exact launch date is 6 May, 2015, however, we could get Yamaha to comment on it. As soon as we get more information we will update you guys. Meanwhile, you can head back to the PakWheels Forums and join the discussion about the upcoming Yamaha bikes in Pakistan.

Here are some actual photos of the bike:

Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan (2)  Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan (3)  Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan (4)  Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan (5)  Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan (6)  Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan (12)

Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan (13)  Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan (14)  Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan (15)  Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan (16)  Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan (17)  Yamaha Bikes in Pakistan (10)


Source: YMPK Yamaha YBR 125 PakistanYamaha Khurram Autos

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  • Muneeb Shafique

    i heard Yamaha had some issue contractual going on lately getting some of staff back from Dawood Group ,

    the same models are being sold in philippines and other developing countries.

    well as prince tag is concerned its good but the Dawood YL did their
    best to ruin the name of Yamaha in last few years by delivering some
    rough bikes using name of Yamaha.

    Hope Yamaha Motor Company can soon get upto the place where meant to be…

  • Muhammad Mansoor

    Plastic for 100k plus sort of money?
    I’m sorry but didn’t we have those already?
    *cough* Honda *cough*

  • Abdul Wali

    Yes Yamaha!!!…

  • Asad Malik

    Yamaha made a wise decision.It already enjoys great deal of loyal fanbase in Pakistan who crave for Yamaha as a brand.For consumer’s viewpoint this is a great step as it will help break the monopoly of Atlas Honda Pakistan.Never in my life i will buy decades old generation of motorcycles offered by AHL

  • DJ

    Since i am loving My Honda 125 deluxe from past many years i am waiting for this Model As well .. Fingers Crossed i hope not only in style (As per PICS we can see) but Yamaha New Bikes will beat honda in Speed as well.

  • Farhan

    Dear blogger, The content is intellectual property of Yamaha Motor Pakistan, and
    it can’t be used without Yamaha Motor Pakistan permission. Could you please message me
    back about this or take it down? The Sources has been taken down by facebook. Check Sources: Yamaha Khurram Autos, YMPK Yamaha YBR 125 Pakistan

  • Its actually painful opening iofficial sites, specially their indian versions, to see what models Yamaha and other manufacturers are offering in those countries for such great prices. How i wish the lot would be available in Pakistan as well. :/

  • afaq

    when this model available in pakistan

  • Azhar Yousuf

    if only they bring FZ-S and R15 v2.0 to Pakistan, that would be great

  • nasir

    tellme its milege of 1 liter petrol and is her caroborater is betterfly that who already use sazuki ?

  • Uzair Ahmad

    bike sound is very important.in pakistan the favourite sound of bike is honda 125 and KAWASAKI.sound play a very important role in selling of bikes.recentley suzuki bikes have not very good sound it is completely silenced even cd70 have very good sound against suzuki cg 110,150.so my advise to yamaha plz make sound some loud just like honda 125 and kawasakiand some suports bikes or heavy bike.

  • yaseen

    Can I be employed in Yamaha company as forklift operator R driver.

  • M.Bazil

    This bike is going to be released in May 2015
    at first i was very happy but when when came to know that they are replacing electronic fuel injection with carburator then i was very disappointed because without electronic fuel injection this bike is like other ordinary ones

  • Imran

    is anybody knows whats the procedure to buy the distribution of Yamaha in Pakistan ? 0333-41153

  • imran

    0333-994113 imran

  • Adeel Ahmed

    have they launched their official website?

  • majnoo

    these kinda bike are taking never ending time in pakistan.. now all seems a dream to see

  • Atif Sarwar Malik

    Any official website of Yamaha??

  • shahzaib

    shape is good..if bike sound have like heavy bike sound then it people will like to much…maximum youngers of honda 125 will move on yamaha 125..if you have genioun sound of yamaha like previous models then it will sale slowly…Shahzaib Khan

  • osama

    I sold my Cg 125 because of high sound.now loving gs 150….

  • Waqas Hassan

    Any body tell me the price of all three versions of 125 announced by Yamaha.

  • sajid

    Price is129400
    Yesterday I bought it
    Its beautiful

  • Qazi SharOo Aleem

    Where did you get it from … lahore , karachi Or somewhere else ?

  • kashif Raza

    Today in pindi yamaha show room. I see 3 new yahamma bikes arrives, the 100cc, 125 and 150. Having unique design and features.
    I hope

  • Nasar Ullah Khan

    yamaha 100cc??? what is the model and price?? any details?

  • Tahir

    What about parts and its other accessories?? It should be available easily at reasonable rates….Does seller satisfied you about it??


    tell us the experience of ybr 125. how is ride,petrol average and comfort ? and also post photos too.

  • Mikhail Kalashnikov

    any body tell me the price of ys 150 fazer

  • Mikhail Kalashnikov


  • Mikhail Kalashnikov


  • Usama

    i’m also like GS 150sound

  • Choose Best Human

    Conform News Atlas Honda Launch “Honda CG 125 Deluxe Self start 2016 model”. Atlas Honda import 2200 self stat 5 Speed engines. Karachi custom officer view these engines.

  • dawood

    sir yamaha ka jo yb 125z a rha ha uski details or real design konsa ha jo pakistan mn ay ga OR kb ayega web pr yb125z ky kaie desgin han

  • Awais

    So i am looking forward to upgrading myself from 70cc to somewhere between 125 and 250cc. I am looking for a preferably fat tire bike with nice exhaust. I do like ybr but i am looking for more aggressive look. What are your views of upcoming bikes. Should i wait or buy ybr or visit some showrooms. My budget is 2 lakhs.

  • majid alam

    is that possible yamaha fz 16 indian bike in pakistan 250cc and 160 cc is that possible i like these bikes its awosome in india

  • Danish gulfraz

    Same here bro