FBR bans income tax non-filers from buying cars

Federal Board of Revenue, on Friday 14th September 2018, issued a ban on income tax non-filers.

According to the official sources, the non-filers will not be able to buy four-wheel vehicles, however, the ban does not imply on purchasing motorcycle or rickshaw.

Through Finance Act, 2018, a new section 227C has been added to the Income Tax Ordinance to increase the number of filers.

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According to this section, unless the person is a filer and has his/her name added in Active Taxpayers List (ATL), no booking application, registration of local or imported vehicle will be proceeded further.

Moreover, as per the FBR, all vehicles regardless of their engine capacity will fall under this ban.

Previously, when this ban was announced a few months back, a lot of people raised objection over it, and later in July 2018, the government gave non-filers a relaxation to buy or import cars under 1000cc.

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Notable Replies

  1. Very good step by the government. It should be from the day first but "dair ae darust ae" some people still want to be it reversed and I am amazed to imagine that what sort of mindset they got.

  2. dakoon says:

    People don’t pay taxes because they are already paying indirect taxes on everything .secondly when a person is unemployed due to whatever reason govt gives him zero support . In western world you get unemployment stipend on which you can atleast survive . Thirdly all tax money gets looted by politicians . Fourth there is no concept in Islam for tax . You need to pay zakat Sadqa and other good deeds .you will not go to hell for not paying tax .
    If govt. spends taxes on people and taxes are reasonable of course everybody will pay taxes .

    If you still can’t understand the mindset then you never will

  3. People want to pay tax, the problem arises when FBR instead of facilitating people starting asking questions from the past. Sometimes people dont exactly have evidence of a transferred property and it maybe difficult to obtain proofs of intaqaal from small area villages. The government first needs to correct FBR, make soft policies for local tax payer instead of the usual harassment that takes place. Than put stict measures like banning car purchase or transfer of property.

  4. dakoon says:

    You seriously need to educate yourself on religion .economics can go to hell if religion teachings are not observed

  5. dakoon says:

    Bhai ji yeh cheeze fbr nahi maanti . Merae kafi dosto ne fbr ko kaha kae bhai hamari income itni nahi ha .fbr ka Janab ‘“ nahi aap filer nahi ban saktae “ .tax deye gae hamain kutch paisa khilae gae to filer ka status milae ga .jab fbr khud kutae banae hua ho to phir kon filer banae ? Aap main sae kitnae log ho jo salary walae nahi ho ? Aap logo ki salary already tax sae kaat kar milti ha aap logo ko .is main aap logo ka Kia good intention Shamil ha ? You have been bound . Warna aap log bhi income tax nahi deye gae.
    Log bhookae maar rahae ha .naukria ha nahi .ager haan to low paid jobs .aik faqeer job karnae walae bandae sae ziada kama letae ha aajkal .

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