Federal government introduces new traffic laws in Islamabad


The federal government of Pakistan has introduced a new set of traffic laws in Islamabad in compliance with the international standards.

As per the new rules, it is now mandatory for driver and front passenger to fasten seat belts while traveling. Moreover, smoking while driving will lead to a ticket. More than 3 tickets on traffic violations will lead to cancellation of driving license. It is mandatory for the drivers to have their driving license with them while driving.


As reported by media, new traffic laws will be implemented in the federal capital soon. A high-level session chaired by the Interior Minister Ijaz Shah was held in Islamabad in which the decision was finalized and the directives were issued to the concerned authorities for the implementation of new traffic laws and regulations. The aim is to impose laws in compliance with the international standards to reduce the traffic accidents, ensure the safety of commuters and smooth flow of traffic in the federal capital. Under the new laws, a driving license would be suspended if challan is issued for the third time to a driver.

The new traffic laws will be strict in all aspects, and fine will also be imposed over smoking offense while driving. Smoking is one of the causes of traffic accidents every day and has been completely banned by the government while driving. Moreover, fastening seat belts for those on the front seats is made mandatory. It’s a common practice here that even if the driver has fastened the seat belt, the front passenger doesn’t consider it necessary. However, both the driver and the front passenger are at equal risk of injury in case of a collision. Therefore, both of them must understand the risk and prioritize their own lives. Those driving without a valid driving license will also be dealt with under strict law and fined heavily by the Islamabad traffic police. It is worthy to mention here that the new traffic laws will also be strict for the officials. According to the new laws, any sort of traffic jam without any valid reason would result in legal action against the Superintendent Police (SP) and the officer on duty.


In the meeting session, the Interior Minister declared 30th September as the deadline for the implementation of the new orders regarding traffic laws. The relevant authorities were also directed to initiate a social media campaign to create awareness among the citizens. The traffic issues are on the rise in Islamabad and all other major cities of the country. In the current situation, it’s a great step by the government if it manages to implement new laws with strict compliance. As a responsible citizen, let’s play our part in following the traffic laws and make the roads a safe play to travel for ourselves and others.

This is a developing story so stay tuned to PakWheels for the complete details regarding the new traffic laws in Islamabad. Mention your suggestions in the comments section below.

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  • Abdul Hamid

    Why in Islamabad only. The traffic violation data should be linked across Pakistan or at least major cities of Pakistan to get the fruitful results. But mass campaign/ awareness is required to educate the people in this regard.

  • aliqadri

    Good step and good city to start with. should be implemented across country as soon as +ve outcome is achieved.