Is it the final goodbye to Corolla GLi?

For quite a few months we have been getting news, specs and leaked photos of the new Toyota Vios 2018. Around two months ago, Toyota Indus closed the booking of Corolla GLi/XLi and starting reservation for the limited edition Gli. Usually, this is a hint towards the discontinuation of a current model and an expected launch of a new model, but the company also want to sell the outgoing product as much as possible. Meaning they like to clear their current stock before the new model arrives.

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After contacting multiple dealerships, there was not even one dealership that was still accepting bookings for the Limited Edition Corolla Gli.

Response from all the dealerships was the same,

“Sorry sir we are not taking further orders.”

No specific response was given that booking has ended, but they weren’t taking further orders either.

Furthermore, according to the Vehicle Availability section on Toyota Indus website, there is no dealership having availability of Limited Edition Corolla Gli.





Does that mean that Toyota is finally about to say goodbye to Corolla? And is it just the Limited Edition Corolla or does it mean XLi is next as well? Let’s just see and wait.

Saad Ikram

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