General Tyre Makes it to Forbes – Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion List


Started in 1963, General Tyre has been engaged in the manufacturing of tyres & tubes for automobiles in Pakistan. Based in Karachi, General Tyre has been a key player in introducing new initiatives and tyre technology through quality improvement, competitive prices and customer satisfaction. With a market cap of $110 million (as of August 2016), the company has been honored a spot on the Forbes List of Asia’ 200 Companies Under a Billion.

The company manufacturers radial tyres for light commercial vehicles and passenger cars, bias tyres for light trucks & agricultural tractors. General Tyre’ Chief Executive, Hussain Kuli Khan remarked:

‘It gives me great pleasure that Forbes Magazine has rated General Tyre among Asia’s 200 best companies below 1 Billion Club for 2016.’

It should be mentioned that the company has made tremendous progress in both, offering new products & upholding its customer satisfaction. Most recently, the company launched the first range of tubeless tyres for motorcycles in Pakistan.


Notable Replies

  1. Baqwaas!!!!
    Jhooot.........I HAVE MY PERSONAL BAD EXPERIENCE..............

    CASE 1 MAY 2004:

    MY NEW CULTUS WHOSE WHEELS WERE ROTATED 2 TIMES DURING 22000KM RIGHT FROM THE START.......WITHOUT A SINGLE PUNCTURE......ITS ONE TYRE GOT OUT OF SHAPE.....WHICH I GOT UNDER WARRANTY FROM THEIR OUTLET AT QUEENS ROAD after a lot of aurguments.....STILL AT AROUND 28K KMS all tyres became out of shape and Gooon Gooon ki goooonj wali awazein.......hichkolay........ Then put Yokos and enjoyed them till 74000kms...(wheel rotation and balancing @ every 10K)

    CASE 2 NOV 2005:

    Civic EXI......The same fault i.e..... Tyres mein dub aa jana....despite cold tyre pressure checked every week and 10K rotation the tyres just last 37K with great difficulty.

    CASE 3 2009:

    Civic reborn Oriel PT..............the tyres went gud till 18000km approx and then started giving tread nosie till 35000km and then till 42000km deformed and gave vibrations at low and high speed....

    CASE 4: 2016 OCT
    My new zero meter GRANDE........despite checking wheel balancing within first 2 weeks of delivery there was an abnormal vibration at 80km /hour and same type of Goooonj in EURO stars. Got removed by SIMPLY REPLACING THEM.......and now at 180km.......silky smooooth with no vibration......malai ki terha.....(Switched and experimented NEXEN N Fera SU4) soft silent tyre.


  2. Rugal says:

    They're cheap, so new cars get them. Also, they're the only local manufacturer to offer any sort of variety. The quality as you so rightly pointed out - is horrible. I bought them once for my sister's car. Once was enough, now I've switched to Yokohama, Dunlop and Bridgestone etc.

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