Google unveiled its new self-driving car which doesn’t have a steering

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Welcome to the future folks. I write to tell you that strange type of cars are now roaming around the streets. They look ridiculous, in both looks and size. Worst of all, they don’t even have a steering anymore. In fact, it doesn’t even have fuel or brakes. This is what the future people are saying as not a car, but a pod.

Yes, a pod. Where you get in, enter your destination and play a futuristic version of angry bird without ever needing to interact with the controls. Cars are not cars anymore. These pods are purpose built to be plugged-in, take you from point a to b and that’s it!

Unlike Google’s recent street camera cars’, which included Prius and Lexus Hybrids, these pods are built completely by Google skunkworks. These pods, apart from not having steering doesn’t even have stereo, a glovebox, or even mirrors. You get in the pod, press ‘go’ and literally go for your destination.

What is has though, is a screen which shows your route, an electric drivetrain with a top-speed of 25 MPH, and few buttons including start and stop.

Other then that, it is a technological advancement unlike anything else. Its sensors can now track full 360-degree view to get more than 200 yards of visibility and track hundreds of objects. So the system can portray defensive driving like not getting into blind spots, staying away from massive trucks and trailers, give room to lane splitters, and pause or move on traffic lights.


Then comes the safety part, the front of the pod you see is made of foam, so if a cyclist or a pedestrian rams into the front of the car, the injuries are minimal. The windscreen is flexible as well while there are two systems controlling steering and brakes as part of safety redundancies.

Google will build 100 prototypes of these pods for testing purposes and to learn out of this project for the future. So it is not going to be on sale for a long while but if you’d like to have a glimpse in the future, this is it!


GIF via Jalopnik

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  1. Lillian Rae says

    What is the top speed of this car and what is its price? As I have seen in the video car speed seems me good.
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