Got a flat tyre? No need to worry, we have covered your back!

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You are enjoying your drive or simply driving around for your daily commute, and you feel that you’ve got a flat tire in a very unexpected situation. If you had checked your vehicle properly before heading out, then you would have avoided this, but still, even in unfavorable circumstances, you don’t need to panic.

First, if you are on a road when you get a flat tire, then do not rush into things; rather, you have to get off from the road carefully. You can easily slow down your car even at around roughly 25 mph even with a flat tire, and the car can be still in your control, so there is no need to panic. 

Hence, in order to help you, we have made this following step, which will help you when you get a flat tire.

  • First, don’t lose your calm and slow down your vehicle. 
  • Look for a safe place to stop and then, as soon as possible, pull your car off from the road to a firm and flat ground.
  • Set the emergency brakes and set the car in the park. Leave the car in either reverse or in first gear if you have a manual transmission.
  • Now in order to prevent your car from rolling, find something to brace it. And in case you don’t see anything around you, then look for a wooden log or a large rock.
  • Since you have to loosen the Lug-nuts, but for that first jack up your vehicle and remember that the first crank is the toughest one.
  • Remember the rule of “rightly-tightly, lefty-loosey.” Until all of the lug nuts are loosened, skip working your way around on every lug nut.
  • Now using the manual of your vehicle as per instructed, place the jack under your vehicle and make sure not to place it under flexible area and neither to wedge it against the side trim.
  • After this, remove all of the lug nuts and remove the tire by pulling it straight away from the car. It should be noted that energy would be required in removing it, so be slow, careful, and take precautions.
  • Take the spare tire and mount it on the screw prongs and then line up the screws with the holes in the tires. It should be noted that air valves should be facing out. Using your hands, screw the lug nuts alternatively. Do it until all the nuts are screwed. After doing this, take your tool and slightly tighten the nuts.
  • Now you have to replace the lug nuts and keeping your spare evenly mounted try to tighten each one equally.
  • Once you are done, lower the jack and be sure to give each lug one or more twist to ensure they are properly tightened.

 By following the aforementioned, you can easily replace a flat tire. I hope you find this information useful. That’s all from our side.

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