The Vitz Finally Gets Justice – Gullu Butt Sent to Prison for 11 Years

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Gullu Butt, who hulk smashed cars on the chaos of days leading to PAT Long March, is sentenced to prison for 11 years and three months by an ATC court. A convicted vandal, Gullu Butt was recorded by individual and television crews while smashing through cars and other public property right in front of the Police which seemed not bothered at all on his vandalism.

The ATC, which had been hearing his case fined him 110,000 rupees and 11 years behind bars on vandalism charges.

Butt wasn’t acting alone, police was also standing right behind him when he was smashing cars and did not even try to refrain him, and he was often seen marching within their lines with his rod, it is expected that some police officers may also be tried.


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  1. Usman Shah says

    Can someone kindly question, that what happened to the impotent police force in her full strength standing
    behind, if this guy deserved 11 years the those on duty paid to stop him deserves discharge from service and twice as much punishment given to him. Do you call this justice???

  2. Hashim says

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