Harley Davidson offers limited edition replicas of its bicycle from the earlier days

The world is eagerly waited for Harley Davidson to unveil its electric bike, this is where the company stands right now. Harley Davidson has decided to appreciate its earlier days when the company used to make bicycles. Yes, Harley Davidson has commissioned a limited-time run of creating and selling replicas of its bicycles that the company used to sell about a century ago.

Harley Davidson has teamed up with Heritage Bicycles for the project which will revive the Harley Davidson Model 7-17 Standard bike. The said model used to be sold during 1917-1922 and is one of the oldest bicycle models that Harley Davidson ever created. The bike-like pedal-powered bicycles were developed by the company to increase the familiarity of the young ones with the brand. The replicas made today are almost identical to the original builds of a century ago with the main difference being that the replicas are made to be ridden by taller riders. The idea behind these bikes is to save bicycles from museums and make them more comfortable to ride. Harley Davidson is selling a limited number of replicas 1Mike Salvatore from Heritage Bikes told in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the company approached them and asked to build them the replicas as closely as possible. Mike Salvatore said that this is a relatively hard task because making the replicas close to the original included thorough detailing like the Harley Davidson logo stamped on the front sprocket of the bicycle. This logo stamp could be found in both, the bicycles and motorcycles produced by Harley Davidson and it would give the bicycle owners a sense of pride that they are Harley’s customers. According to Salvatore, another major issue in creating these replicas is that these olive-green bicycles were built entirely by hand, even the pinstripes were applied on these bikes by hand.

Even though Harley Davidson’s idea behind this revival is to make these bicycles comfortable to ride, but we are pretty sure that many of them won’t even be ridden. Only ten bicycles will be built in the project, and each one will be priced at about $4,200. We all know that this is nothing compared to the crazy auctions that these bikes will see in the future.

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