Have A Look At This Trailer Towing Lamborghini Gallardo

Commercial advertising is getting smarter day by day, and not only on TV but also on roads in form of billboards. A lot of thought process goes into these huge mega size boards to convey a message just in few words. While TV is thought to be the most widely used source of advertising, one can argue no creative advertising ideas are being aired. In recent past, companies wrap or paint vehicles with the company message for advertising a product or service. I am sure you might have seen, cars, buses, trains with such examples.

But now a company in Montreal, Canada came with an innovate idea to advertise about a new upcoming show about home improvement called, “Des rénos qui rapportent gros”, on a French language TV channel ‘Canal Vie’. They used a Lamborghini Gallardo but with a hitch. Tow Hitch? Yes hitch to tow a trailer . The trailer is painted with the information about the upcoming show in French. Some wooden planks are also tied on the roof of the car to make things more interesting. The car was roaming around in the city of Montreal and immediately became an attraction. Everyone started taking pictures and making video clips. Well, I think the people behind the idea are really smart. A Gallardo is already an eye catching car and one with trailer with a message became viral in matter of minutes on social media.

Marie-Ève ​​Fortier, Director, Marketing and Communications, Bell Media Canada said “The Lamborghini is the ultimate luxury sports car, so to use it for renovations, it attracts attention, and it allows us to illustrate perfectly the title of our new issue,”

Gallardo is powered by a V10 with 552 HP and 398 lbs-ft of torque. You can tow whatever you want, having so much torque at hand; but we will remind you that it is not a good idea to haul a trailer with it. This was just a commercial advertising to gather social media hype about the show and you must not try it at all if you own any sports car. Enjoy the video and photos below, and let us know what you think about this gimmick, in the comments section below.






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Fazal Wahab

I am Civil Engineer by Profession and have love for High Rise Towers, Underground construction and Carbon Fiber Composites, automobiles is my first love. Its my passion to know and share about anything new in automobile industry.