Here’s What Pakistanis have to say About the New Honda BR-V


With the launch of All new Honda BR-V, we finally see a flourishing side of our local auto industry. A school of thought believes that Honda BR-V will heavily influence the buying behavior of buyers, while others argue that it will not make a great impact on the local industry and will prove to be a misfortune for Honda Atlas. So, we turned to the PakWheels Facebook Communities to see what Pakistani consumers have to say about the recently newly launched Honda BR-V.

1. This Guy has a Seasoned Opinion on the New Honda BR-V

2. This Guy is over the moon for Honda BR-V at its price range

3. Concerns of a common man or a typical nay-sayer!

4. The Concern of a customer – Long Wait times
5. The forecast of Ruined Customer Expectations!
6. The Bitter Truth!
7. Welcome to the dark side of this story!
There isn’t a shortage of people’ opinions on Honda BR-V, but we have tried to list down user’ feedback from all genres. No matter what local auto consumers have to say about this vehicle, the requirement of a modern, compact and locally manufactured MPV has always remained a constant in Pakistan. Add to the fact of a rapidly changing auto industry of Pakistan, experts are predicting that Honda Atlas is on its way to secure its place.


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Notable Replies

  1. Only found two problems with BRV:

    1. Low quality weld joints at lower end of A piller(where a vertical sheet under the hood joins A pillar)
    2. rear bumper is too small, it'll require new backdoor even if rear ended slightly. (since it rides on honda city platform hence lack of rear subframe)

    rest it is a better buy than Toyota Avanza which has less features, power, style and driving dynamics, in 7 seater mpv category it is either faw's avanza replica or this.

  2. The BRV is so far, the only positive news coming out of the recent Auto-boom. I know PW is singing for Cultus, but its nothing short of a tragedy (just like Ciaz).

    Yes, Atlas is in the wrong when they charge 1m for booking but the car in that price is an absolute peach. My friend who owns a 2015 Civic, is willing to sell that car for the BRV.

    The reason is that he wants his entire family of 7 to travel together. No other local car in Pakistan can do that. Besides, it may be a van, it looks absolutely gorgeous.

  3. People who didnot learn lesson from turbo nightmare and still pre ordered brv without even its physical presence deserve this kind of treatment . I salute atlas for giving these impatient people another slap on their faces .

  4. Why does Honda Atlas not focus on paint and QC is beyond me. They did a spectacular job in ruining what was one of the best civics out there and now the same with BRV. But here is the thing the reason Atlas does not learn is because they know no matter what they throw, they will still find someone in the market to buy it irrespective of the shitty QC. I can just hope that people stop paying them advance money without even seeing the car in person.

  5. they need more bashing time to time as you can see after all bashing against civic the quality is really increased alot the weld and finishing job is done quiet nicely now the fitting issues is resolved also.

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