Here’s What Pakistanis have to say About the New Honda BR-V


With the launch of All new Honda BRV, we finally see a flourishing side of our local auto industry. A school of thought believes that Honda BR-V will heavily influence the buying behavior of buyers, while others argue that it will not make a great impact on the local industry and will prove to be a misfortune for Honda Atlas. So, we turned to the PakWheels Facebook Communities to see what Pakistani consumers have to say about the recently newly launched Honda BR-V.

1. This Guy has a Seasoned Opinion on the New Honda BR-V

2. This Guy is over the moon for Honda BR-V at its price range

3. Concerns of a common man or a typical nay-sayer!

4. The Concern of a customer – Long Wait times
5. The forecast of Ruined Customer Expectations!
6. The Bitter Truth!
7. Welcome to the dark side of this story!
There isn’t a shortage of people’ opinions on Honda BR-V, but we have tried to list down user’ feedback from all genres. No matter what local auto consumers have to say about this vehicle, the requirement of a modern, compact and locally manufactured MPV has always remained a constant in Pakistan. Add to the fact of a rapidly changing auto industry of Pakistan, experts are predicting that Honda Atlas is on its way to secure its place.


Shaf Younus

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