High Demand Of Yamaha YBR 125 In Pakistan Forcing Consumers To Pay ‘On’ Money

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Yamaha launched its new bike, Yamaha YBR 125 last month and already the demand has encouraged the dealers to sell the bike on ‘on’ or premium.

Company’s original price of Yamaha YBR 125 is Rs 129,400 and some dealers in Karachi have set the spot buying price to Rs 135,000. You can pay Rs 135,000 right there and ride your way to home on your shiny new Yamaha. Akbar road is the largest bike market in Karachi.

On top of 135k, dealers are also starting to demand 4000 rupees for the registration of the bike. So at the end of the day, total ‘nuskha’ would be just shy of Rs 140,000. Keep in mind you will also be asked for the ‘mithai k paisay’ by the chhota (helper) at the shop/dealership as well. You can either pay the premium or wait for the delivery in June if you order one now.

Dealers have claimed that even though buying a new bike in Karachi carries a risk of it either getting stolen or snatched, but the response has been generally good. Although it is still not clear if the gap between demand and supply is genuine and Yamaha was not expecting it or if it’s deliberate and Yamaha is testing the waters.

Not many were vocal about the future sales scenario of the new Yamaha YBR 125, but some were clear in saying that it is possible that Yamaha can give tough time to current motorbike makers in Pakistan.

In last fiscal year during July-April, Honda sold 535,078 units, whereas the sales have been slightly low this year with only 526,327 units sold. Suzuki on the other hand sold only 18,743 units compares to last year’s 20,176 units.

One should keep in mind that Yamaha (during its DYL era) had very strong fan base in many regions of Pakistan, before it disappeared from the market. It would be interesting to see if Yamaha can find what was lost in the form of its loyal buyers.

Source: Dawn

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  1. Ali Turab Abbasi says

    i went to 2 showrooms today in lahore. one of them demanded 1,40,000 and the other demanded 1,50,000. otherwise they would deliver the bike after 1.5 months. This is seriously discouraging for any buyer who is paying more than other bikes (honda 125 deluxe) and still has to wait 1.5 months or pay 10-20k more

  2. DJ says

    you are right but i got my bike on Tuesday almost after three weeks of pre order and paid exact amount (129,400 PKR thought i paid 500 more to Chotye as mithai which is my on will but he didn’t demanded) , people those are hungry to get Bike ASAP they will be paying more money to Dealers but this is true that every one have to first get bike booked and you can get it in 3-4 weeks depends upon:
    1- What color are you choosing (Blue Color has very high demand compare to grey and red color mine was grey so was bit lucky)
    2- how many orders already dealer had where you are going for booking ( so tip is look for 2-3 dealers and ask them when they can deliver your bike so book your order accordingly)

  3. Ali says

    In Rawalpindi there is no such thing. They are booking the order and bike will be deliver in 2 weeks. They also told be abut the other variant (trail). That will make his way to market in 3 months. Is this true or any news about it?

  4. Zuhaib Khan says

    Yes, the trail variant is planned to launch next according to the buzz going around… Am also awaiting that one.

  5. Ehtesham says

    I booked with Yamaha Capital Motors ( G-10/4 Islamambad). No OWN .. 2 weeks delivery time. Call them and book yours with No OWN! There address is

    Plot No 3-D. Near Mari Gas,
    Next to Shifa International Hospital
    3rd Road, G-10/4
    Ph: 03365033448

  6. Mukarram Habib says

    Yamaha enthusiasts and buyers aren’t lost. What they want is a cool Yamaha with ample of power.

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