Honda Atlas halts the production of Civic X Turbo – Citing A Problem In The Engine


In 2016, Honda Atlas introduced the first locally assembled turbocharged vehicle in Pakistan. The new Civic aka Civic X was offered in three variants, i-VTEC Oriel, Turbo X and i-VTEC. Due to the market dynamics and the car’s unique shape, it became an overnight hit for Honda Atlas and helped the company register record sales in the first few months of its launch. However, the company has stopped entertaining the orders for Honda Civic Turbo X. This has been gaining a lot of attention on PW Forums for quite a while and we decided to explore the situation to see if it holds any truth.

A simple call and visit to a Honda dealership revealed that the company is not taking any orders for this car. All the (unsold) units are called back and the car will be made available to Pakistani consumers in March 2018. The staff members said that due to a technical issue, the production of this car is halted and will be resumed as per company’s policy. The dealership staff further remarked that all the owners of Turbo X are being notified to get their cars diagnosed.  Honda dealerships are offering a full refund or an option to switch their order to 1.8 i-VTEC Oriel to their customers who booked Civic Turbo X and were about to receive their deliveries.

It is important to know that the Turbo Variant of the Civic X uses a 1.5L turbocharged VTEC engine which needs RON 91 fuel or above to work properly. Since its launch, a number of consumers have posted their complaints about engine knocking at high RPM’s, however, no posts or comments have surfaced about the effective solution to this ‘Knocking Problem’. Experts say that there is a possibility that fuel quality is the reason for this problem as the engine is tuned for high grade (premium) fuel which is not available in Pakistan. Thus, the car’s engine needs to be remapped based on the Quality of fuel available in Pakistan.

We reached out to Honda Atlas for a comment on this situation but no official response was communicated.

Honda’s Hybrid and Civic X versions are to compete with Toyota Prius.

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