Honda Issues Booking Guidelines & Pricing for 2016 Civic!

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Since the international unveiling of 2016 Honda Civic, we have been bringing first-hand reports and rumors for our readers. This Tuesday, we obtained information regarding the public response for 2016 Civic from our friends at Honda City Sales who told us that around five thousand Civics have been reserved nationwide which they say is more than five times of their initial anticipation. The increasing numbers of pre-orders have already pushed back the delivery timings for Civic by four months.

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Despite Civic’s bookings being on a roll in Pakistan, the extent of information released by Atlas Honda is limited to the banner asking for a down payment of PKR 1 million for reservation. Now, however, we have received the extended guidelines for Civic’s booking which were sent to dealerships by Atlas Honda across Pakistan on 15th June. The letter subject states: “Resume of Booking of Turbo/Tentative Price”. On Monday, Honda asked the dealerships to close the booking of turbocharged Civic temporarily due to the unexpected demand; this decision has been reversed as the notification has re-opened its bookings with immediate effect.

Expected Pricing as per Honda's letter to dealerships
Expected Pricing as per Honda’s letter to dealerships

The tentative pricing of turbo variant comes off less surprising since rumors suggested a price tag of around PKR 2,850,000. The price of 1.8-liter VTI Oriel is over PKR 100,000 less than the initial expectations of 2,650,000. The letter further elaborates that the reason for the delay in complete pricing release is due to the changes in tax structures inside the new federal budget which is why these prices are for reference purpose only. Honda Atlas will be announcing the exact prices once the federal budget is approved. In addition to this, Honda has also increased the down payment amount from already steep 1 million rupees to 50% of the tentative price. Which makes the down payment of 1.8-litre VTI Oriel, PKR 1.25 million and 1.5-litre Turbo, PKR 1.5 million.

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Furthermore, the recommended fuel for Civic’s Turbo variant is 91 RON (Hi-Octane) only! As a reference currently Pakistan’s regular Petrol is of 87 RON with HOBC rated at 95 RON. The fuel requirements of 1.5-liter Turbo and its increasing delivery times can trigger a slowdown in bookings overall since according to officials at Honda City Sales, the majority of reservations are for this variant. Buyers should consider the availability of better quality petrol in their vicinity as a recommendation of high-grade fuel indicate a sensitive engine.

Petrol RON ratings around the world
Petrol RON ratings around the world

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Price/Spec sheet released by Honda City Sales Lahore
Price/Spec sheet released by Honda City Sales Lahore
Official Letter containing Booking Guidelines and Tentative Pricing
Official letter containing Booking Guidelines and Tentative Pricing


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  1. Muhammad Rizwan Malik says

    I guess the author failed to mention it but the resumption of booking has started with ONE BIG DIFFERENCE! The booking price has increased from 1 million PKR to 50% of the the quoted price above and become Rs.1264500 for the 1.8 and Rs. 1450000 for the 1.5 version. So after collecting 5 billion pkr in cash, honda thought why not rip off more when Pakistanis are already so stupid and desperate for a new car.

  2. Owais says

    Hahahaha …. So true

  3. jaffi says

    Booking Guidelines by HOANDA….

  4. I LOVE HONDA says


  5. Shoaib Shafique says

    Arent the RON suggested for 1.5Turbo 91?

  6. Haroon Zaka Qureshi says

    The recommended fuel for Turbo variant is Hi-Octane which is not available in the local market for a good time now. If Govt. still doesn’t make sure the availability of the said Octane type, the regular fuel would ruin the engines.

  7. Naeem says

    Does Civic 10 Gen Oriel has Prosmatic Transmission or CVT?????? On the above price brochure its written VTI Oriel PT??????

  8. Saghir says

    PT is abbreviation for Prosmatic i think…..

  9. A Guest says

    Should I not buy HONDA CIVIC prosmatec, since FAW has announced launch of B-30 automatic for the price of 14 lacs 75 thousands. FAW dealership at FAW LYALPUR MOTORS FAISALABAD has confirmed me that this car is launching soon and that would be a pretty SOLID CAR …. What you guys suggest me?????? Please give me suggestions… I can wait for a year……

  10. echo bandit says

    I think you should wait for the B-30, as this civic model is a total rip off … all stripped down to a primitive metal cage .. fools away !

  11. Owais says

    Honda Atlas is ripping off its customers as they were launching the 1.5 turbo at 2.8 million but as soon as they got over 5000 pre launch orders, among which the most are 1.5 turbo (around 4000), they got greedy and increased the price by Rs. 100,000/= and stopped the booking for a day and resumed it later while increasing the booking amount to 50% in advance.

    Totally shameful act by Honda Atlas. But as the saying says “What goes around comes around”, I am sure this greed will lead them to disaster.

    Above all even after being tricked and fooled and knowing it all, we as consumers are still interested in buying the car at any price instead of totally boycotting this insane offer.

  12. Awais Yousaf says

    well it depends on the fact that what will you get in 14.75 lacks. Its always good to wait so my opinion is to wait for both to hit the roads of Pakistan.

  13. Kamran Khan says

    All the those who can not afford to buy Civic (Including myself) are putting negative comments. Grapes are sour my dear friends!

  14. 3 Idiots says

    yes these people are super silly and they are paying off their mistakes. Just Wasting the money for a garbage as compared to intl version. I don’t know why when far better imported options are available.

  15. Guest says


  16. Guest says

    Jis country mein Grande like car can sell for 2.4 million then anything is possible

  17. Muhammad Rizwan Malik says

    No sir, its the other way around. Those who can afford 2.4 million can manage 300-500k provided the car merits the price. Honda Vezel costing upwards of 3 million is one good example as it has been so popular. The problem is overpricing of locally manufactured cars lacking many of the advanced tech/specs of their international versions.

  18. Guest says

    Is it sensible to buy a 1.5 turbo in pakistan or a 1.8 ? Keeping in mind the fuel requirements of turbo?

  19. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    it will be cvt

  20. bro says

    Why Honda not make 660 cc cars in Pakistan??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. Zohaib says

    why Yamaha (or Honda motor cycle or Suzuki Motor cycle) not make bicycles in Pakistan??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  22. Zohaib says

    actually you are right. I really doubt the actual readers of PW are real car owner. if they are they would be less then 20%

  23. Aaqil Khattak says

    As per the posts i can see less people are interested in New Civic due to price & fuel factor may be..

  24. Sam K says

    They just want to sell the Automatic & Turbo versions bcoz of their high prices.. Because If people had a choice of Manual Transmission – Majority would have booked MT version just for the low price.. A clever Marketing move but MT would come very soon when this initial delivery of PT & Turbo is over with.. People can be more cleverer if they just wait for the MT.. I think it would cost 22-23+

  25. Fayez Najeeb says

    Are you really comparing Civic to FAW?

  26. Jafar says

    I suggest to purchase Covic 1.8 to all mu friends who can afford

  27. Shahzaib Rehman says

    Why Yamaha (or Honda motor cycle or Suzuki Motor cycle) not make heavy bikes in Pakistan???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    LOL 😀

  28. Malik Tariq says

    The price is very high, given the fact that most of chassis and interior is locally fabricated and duty on basic engine is very less. This is a ripoff

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